Minecraft – players will vote for a new mob.

Soon we will vote for a new mob in Minecraft.

A new mob is coming to Minecraft. What’s so special about that? This time it is the community of players who will decide which monster will be in the game. This is another Mojang action of this type.

Information about voting appeared on the official website of the game. 3 mobs were presented and fans were encouraged to participate in a poll on Twitter. An animation showing the creatures’ proposals has been posted on YouTube.

Minecraft – players will vote for a new mob

How do the candidates present themselves? Moobloom, Iceologer, Glow Squid are potential mobs. Moobloom is another variation on the cow theme, and the cow as it is, everyone can see. Except that flowers grow on the back of this dwarf. The plans include interactions between the four-legged creature and bees. To quote the official Minecraft site, “vote for Moobloom if you want the flower biome to be even more floral!” The Colorful Cow already has a lot of admirers on Reddit, fans create drawings to show support for the mob running in the upcoming elections.

Many players support Iceologer because they hope that a new weapon will enter the game with it. They also indicate that the mob would increase the diversity of opponents and spice up the landscape of the ice biome. On the graphic prepared by a fan nicknamed Joshua_Bluemoon, a number of arguments appeared in favor of voting for the frosty opponent. The downside noticed by a community that has little fond memories of Phantom is the risk of dying easily early in the game or when we’re not ready to fight. Renamed by the players as “Chillager”, the opponent is still a popular candidate.

Minecraft – players will vote for a new mob

The Glow Squid would be a great fit for an update that added life to the oceans. The shining creature from the deep is actually the same Squid that players have known for a long time. However, this mob shines. From what was revealed on the game’s website, it appears that this is his only distinguishing feature.

The players, however, despite the general enthusiasm, they don’t understand why they have to choose between these mobs. Each of them is to go to a different biome, 2 of them are passive, one is friendly, and Glow Squid could be created by an ordinary player with an Internet connection in a matter of hours. Choosing between them is difficult because they do not have many things in common against which to compare them. So why should the community choose? Could Mojang not give players all the mobs if they caused such a stir?

Minecraft – players will vote for a new mob

Voting will take place on October 3 during the Minecraft Live program. You will cast your vote in the Twitter poll.

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Minecraft – players will vote for a new mob