Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage.

Lots of Minecraft news on your Sunday, with an extensive gameplay reveal of Steve and Alex in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a ton of new content for Minecraft and the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks. Continue in the Night Watch: the first images of the Monster Hunter movie, the success of Genshin Impact and more. Good morning!

Super Smash Bros. director Sakurai extensively shows new characters Steve and Alex, release date is October 13

From hacking into enemies to hacking into the ground and building with blocks, it will soon be all possible when the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters Steve and Alex make their appearance in Nintendo’s fighter. Game director Masahiro Sakurai takes no less than 45 minutes in the video below to show the blocky fighters and to sort out their moveset. Not only that, he also shows how the new mechanics that come with these builders work with the new and existing stages. Steve and Alex can apparently hack the ground to gather resources. Based on the resources they get, they can build a train track to travel over in a minecar, which of course smashes all enemies in its path to the side. And yes, that also works with all internships.

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

They lost slightly less resources to build TNT, which explodes in Minecraft style and can even be connected to a redstone circuit and a pressure plate. Steve and Alex’s up-special is Elytra, the glider normally unlocked in Minecraft after defeating the Ender Dragon. Of course, a new stage is also being added to the game called Minecraft World, which consists of multiple areas with six different biomes in total. A lot of acquaintances from the Minecraft world pass by in the background, including villagers, cows and zombies. But damn, that’s not all, Sakurai for example also shows Minecraft enemies in the DLC Spirits mode, discusses a load of new music tracks and we see a Pig, Creeper and many more Mii Fighter costumes. in action (available from October 13). Tering, what a job for DLC characters. Check out the whole video here:

Let’s not forget the most important thing: we now also know what Kirby looks like when he inhales Steve. Square. The Minecraft content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available on October 13.

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

Minecraft Dungeons’ new DLC Howling Peaks and cross-play announced

During Minecraft Live, a new DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons called Howling Peaks was revealed. The DLC brings new missions, items and enemies, plus a seemingly difficult boss fight. In Howling Peaks, players will have to deal with a new wind mechanic, which will blow them back and forth, creating the necessary danger. The new boss, the Tempest Golem, will also use the wind somewhere at the top of the mountains to make your life miserable, but you also have to watch out for new enemies such as the Ravagers and Wind Callers.

Hello there hero, adventure calls once again! Dangerous mobs, new gear, and the power of the wind itself, all await you atop perilous peaks!

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

Howling Peaks DLC arrives in December – it’s nearly time to trek to the top!

↣ https://t.co/CPC2Hy82Fe ↢ pic.twitter.com/sAcpaWRe0x

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

– Minecraft (@Minecraft) October 3, 2020

Simultaneously with the Howling Peaks DLC, a free update to the game that adds ‘Apocalypse Plus’ will also be coming in December (the specific date we will get). This is a set of no less than 20 new difficulty levels that will follow Apocalypse VII, a perfect opportunity to test your skills. The update also allows the characters themselves to become a lot stronger (otherwise those extra difficulty levels are way too difficult), and new enchantments and items are also added to Minecraft Dungeons.

So the first images of the Howling Peaks DLC were shown during Minecraft Live, and the demo they showed there had an interesting twist. The Howling Peaks were shown via cross-play, including an Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is the first time that this cross-play is shown, players will be able to get started with it later this year.

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

Minecraft Live reveals tons of new Minecraft additions

Improved and extra spooky caves that house a new enemy called the Warden, goats, axolotls, amethyst, copper and creator tools: just a few of the new things you can expect in Minecraft. Last night you could see Minecraft Live, which certainly had a lot of bullshit, but in the meantime also a lot of upcoming additions for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons passed by. You probably don’t want to watch the entire two and a half hour live stream, a (somewhat limited) highlight video has been made especially for that:

Because it is haunted, you naturally also want to see the new enemy in the picture as well. Because yes, the Warden is creepy as , and it doesn’t help that he can only be found in the deepest recesses of the new and improved caves. The Guard timestamped the bit of Minecraft Live that features the Warden in this video (47:52) so you can see it in all its creepy glory:

If you really can’t get enough of Minecraft and even hear the bullshit of many streamers without wanting to rip your ears out of your head, you can watch all of Minecraft Live above.

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

The first teaser of the Monster Hunter movie features Black Diablos

Movies like James Bond may be postponed, but Monster Hunter will be out this year. Paul WS Anderson’s film (known from the Resident Evil films) is loosely based on the well-known Monster Hunter games, and in the first teaser of the film we even see a monster that we encountered in those games. Diablos, that is, against which Mila Jovovich and a group of astonished soldiers have to compete. Obviously they do this with a lot of bullets, and well, that promises to be entertaining action – you should not expect more from a Paul WS Anderson film. Don’t worry, they will exchange those bullets for giant swords somewhere in the film, as you would expect in a Monster Hunter movie. Unfortunately, we don’t see the Hunter himself, he is played by Tony Jaa (who did a fantastic job in the Ong-Bak films). FIREEEEE:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare no longer fits on a 250 GB hard drive on PC

The drama called the install size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes on a new, grotesque twist. Because it turns out, for the poor, poor PC players of the game, the install size is already over 250 GB (after the new update). A very dissatisfied PC player posted a screenshot via Twitter showing that his 250 GB SSD can no longer handle the game, which is of course absurd. This just goes to show that players should be given the option to choose what they want to download from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, be it single player, multiplayer only or just Warzone – now everyone is forced to complete package download and install. If Warzone content from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is added later this year, the giga-milestone of 300 GB may be exceeded (although that is of course only speculation). Hopefully there will be a solution before then …

@CallofDuty MW nolonger fits onto a 250GB SSD and cannot be updated ….. @ Activision @ Blizzard_Ent please split up SP, MP and Warzone. pic.twitter.com/pSZdlSldvK

– Battle (non) sense (@BattleNonSense) October 3, 2020

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

Genshin Impact the biggest global launch of a Chinese game ever according to analysts

The Guard received an email from Samuel this week in which our favorite Spaniard said he would like to join Genshin Impact for the next PU. Before that e-mail, the Guard did not even know about the game – this news is also the first time that we discuss it on SamaGame – but apparently it is really a thing. Such a big thing that analysts label this gacha game from developer miHoYo as the largest global launch of a Chinese game ever. Not surprising, because Genshin Impact came out last Monday for Android, iOS, PC and PS4 (and will come to Nintendo Switch later), and all voices in the game were immediately recorded in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Yep, that’s a big market.

On top of that, with 110,000 simultaneous viewers, the game was even more popular than Fortnite on Twitch on its launch day, and the game on the Chinese iOS app store only had to tolerate TikTok variant Douyin. Genshin Impact is already seen by many people as a kind of Breath of the Wild Light, but the Guard has to say that the gacha approach of this free-to-play game does want to collect some euros if you want better fighters unlock (/ free-gamble). Nonetheless, you seem to be able to get very far without putting down a penny, so it doesn’t hurt to give the open-world action RPG a try if you really like it:

Fall Guys devs give a glimpse of new ‘Wall Guys’ minigame

The Guard’s blood pressure starts to rise spontaneously at the sight of the 11 seconds of chaos in the Tweet below. In it, the developers briefly show how things can go in one of the new Fall Guys Season 2 minigames, and that promises a lot of chaos:

Minecrafts Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate, Sakurai shows moveset and new stage

We’ve been testing
And we can confirm
It’s absolute mayhem pic.twitter.com/yBk55MqBpI

– Fall Guys (@FallGuysGame) October 3, 2020

The Fall Vlog from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Falling leaves, Halloween costumes, skeletons and much more October joy can be seen in a new Nintendo Minute about fall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Have a nice Sunday, and have fun in the game!