Flux Games has just announced that Mirrored Souls, by The Bricks team, was the winner of the SP Pro Game Jam. He also won in the categories Best game – Team from the Interior of São Paulo and Best game of Inclusive Group for Women.

“Working on Mirrored Souls was very rewarding. Every detail was carefully thought out, but the result was only possible thanks to all the support given to us, all the guidance and feedback. We would like to thank Flux for the chance to put our idea forward, as well as the Government of São Paulo and Proac for the opportunity. We also thank the Fellowship of The Game for the constant feedback and the people who supported our project by voting and commenting during the jam. We are extremely happy with the results achieved and looking forward to the next phase: Bootcamp, here we go!!”, celebrated João Pedro Almeida Santos Secundino, from The Bricks.

Mirrored Souls is SP Pro Game Jam Winner and Coming to Switch

“The level of the games that reached the final stretch of the SP Pro Game Jam was extremely high and we were very happy with the result, as it shows that the format we created worked very well”, said Paulo Luis Santos, head of Flux Games and a of the jurors. “And even within this highly competitive context, the judges were unanimous in choosing Mirrored Souls as the big winner: the game has an innovative mechanic that is instantly captivating, and the talented team managed to present it in a beautiful world, subtly developed and charming. It has everything to be a successful game in the international market”.

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With the victory, the members of the team – Érica Maekawa, João Pedro Secundino, Tiago Marino Silva and Victor Vernalha – will participate, for six months, in a paid bootcamp worth R$ 30 thousand, with Flux Games, remotely , where they will have all the necessary structure to finish the game, with a launch forecast for Switch in the 1st half of 2022.

In Mirrored Souls, which can be played at this link, you control two characters, Ravi and Daru, who are on the screen at the same time, but separated by a barrier, trapped by the Moon in opposite worlds. Connected by their love, they must go through a series of challenges to find each other again, in a game style that messes with the head by dealing with cognitive aspects of our brain.

In conclusion, Brave Fest, from the 4Reasons 2Develop 1Team – 421 Team, was elected the 2nd Best Game (Jurors), with a prize of R$ 2,500; and IMO, from the Brotato team, won the Best Game – Popular Vote category, with a prize of R$ 1,200. UDO Unidentified Drilling Object (Ink Machine), Super Picobot (Rice Cake), FoodBoy (Oloco!) and Bulletmancer (Cisterno Senestro Corps) won Honorable Mention, earning R$500 each.