The creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst answered some interesting questions about the development of the game, while also touching on the interaction with other players.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hit the stores soon, so the development of the game is practically a closed story. A member of EA DICE, Jeremy Miller, recently told about some interesting stages of this in an interview.

For example, the city of Glass was discussed, which was inspired by real-world Japan, especially Tokyo, and the Frostbite engine had a major impact on its execution:

“The first Mirror’s Edge was innovative in the way it used colors and lighting, so it was important for us to be able to repeat that, but at a much higher level, more dynamically. In our modern, clean and minimalist environments, there is a great emphasis on the quality of surfaces and in lighting, in which Frostbite did a great service”

In Miller’s opinion, the game itself will look even better than the screenshots released about it, and with the help of the engine, it won’t be broken by loading screens either. With the help of visual elements, they can even stylishly convey how much momentum we have gathered in the role of Faith, so DICE really put their best foot forward in terms of visuals.

Finally, he said, the walkable area will be huge, and when planning it, easier and more skillful routes were also planned within that area. Even the Beat Location Emitters placed by other players will help in finding the latter, which will represent an important element of the solo, yet partially social game.

In addition to the system of time races and Beat LEs, the creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst also experimented with other multi modes, although in the end all of the competitive and cooperative modes were discarded by the team:

“We tried many different features and directions and we seriously feel that the offline system we finally chose provides the best gaming experience in this game”

By the way, in these, we will not only be able to appear on the top lists in other people’s games, because we will also be able to hack various billboards and screens. And if we want to share the challenges we’ve created, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s companion application, Beat, will help us with this.

What do you think, can we expect a more serious multis mode in one of the sequels?

We still have a lot to tell you, you can find everything interesting here!

  • Developer: DICE
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, FPS
  • Appearance: 06/09/2016