Over the weekend, the former employee of Mixer, Milan Lee he shared an article describing his racist experiences while working with the soon-to-be-closed Microsoft streaming platform to join Facebook Gaming. Lee, at his post, says he was chosen to work at Mixer because he was one of the organization’s few black employees.

Lee worked at Microsoft for two years before moving to Seattle to join the Mixer team in 2018. Initially “happy and anxious” to have a job in the games industry, he now considers time spent in the Mixer as the worst professional experience of his life, mainly due to a series of racist episodes. ” I was one of the only blacks to have worked at Mixer during my tenure“Lee wrote in the post. “At a conference I was sidelined and thought I was hired just to achieve a diversity goal because I was black« .

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Lee’s post also describes a time when one of his managers described Mixer streamers as “slaves” and themselves as “master slaves”. Lee explains that he was visibly upset to the point that the manager who made the analogies asked to meet him face to face. ” During this meeting I said why I was angry and why using this analogy was not good“Lee wrote. “He decided to defend his claim and also had the courage to search for the analogy on Google to prove that it was okay to use it. After Google showed that the analogy should never be used, it told me I needed to work on it myself. If I wanted to go far in this area, I would have to work my emotions and feelings on similar comments. After this reunion I knew I was going to leave« .

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An investigation was subsequently opened to the legal team and continued after Lee chose to leave Mixer. ” Months went by without a verdict” , he wrote. ” At the end of last year, I got a call from the legal team with their final results. And, surprise, the manager wasn’t to blame for them. Hiring a black man implies that the manager was not racist“Wrote in the post.

After the accusations, Lee was supported by several Mixer colleagues and streamers. Mixer publicly acknowledged his experiences, saying the company would be “vigilant to deal with this problem more diligently in the future“Lee even got a response from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who thanked him for coming and offered to hold a meeting to discuss the matter.

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