Microsoft will close its service Mixer the 22nd of July intends to relocate existing partners Facebook games. The surprise announcement indicates that Mixer partners and streamers will be switching to Facebook Gaming starting today and Microsoft will no longer be launching Mixer as a service in a month’s time.

Microsoft struggled to grow to the size it needed to compete with Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook Gaming, which led to today’s decision. ” We started a little later than the others; Mixer’s monthly active viewers have been compared to some of the major existing sites“Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft games, explains in an interview. “I think the Mixer community will really benefit from the large audience that Facebook has through its properties and the ability to reach players in a very fluid way through the Facebook social platform.« .

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Microsoft is teaming up with Facebook to move existing Mixer streamers to Facebook Gaming in the coming weeks. On July 22, all Mixer sites and apps will automatically be redirected to Facebook Gaming. Existing Mixer Partners will be granted Partner Status with Facebook Gaming and any streamer using Mixer’s Monetization Program will be eligible for admission to Facebook’s Level Up Program.

Microsoft’s choice to collaborate with Facebook is clearly strategic and is also tied to the expansion of its upcoming game streaming service xCloud and its global efforts. Microsoft will work closely with Facebook to bring xCloud to Facebook Gaming, allowing users to click and instantly play streaming games. It’s a vision very similar to Google’s ambitions with Stadia, but Mixer didn’t have the size and audience to offer everything more widely. Microsoft recruited exclusive streamers like Ninja and Shroud with good deals, but they weren’t enough to convince more people to use the service than their competition. Ninja, Shroud, and other major streamers are now free to join Twitch or post on Facebook Gaming.

Source: The Verge

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