Monclick, the e-commerce site dedicated to the sale of technological products, launches two new services dedicated to SMEs and VAT numbers to give him the opportunity to use the best devices according to his needs.

Operational rental

The first service designed by Monclick concerns the possibility to rent a device for the time necessary for the activity to be carried out, without committing yourself to a purchase that could prove useless over time. The rental fee is fully deductible, and allows, among other things, to use the best hardware available including notebooks, PCs, All-in-one PCs, printers, tablets, smartphones and so on. The rental includes a monthly fee to be paid to Monclick. At the end of the period you simply have to return the product to the company.

Financing by VAT number

The second service allows VAT numbers to buy a product and pay for it in installments. Even if this method of purchase seems normal, Monclick is keen to underline that it is the first solution offered by an Italian e-commerce to companies.

How to join

Operational rental and financing designed for VAT numbers. they therefore become real payment methods, which can be activated by following a very fast procedure. On the page you can enter your data, choose the type of service you prefer between operational rental and financing and, of course, the duration. But that is not all: it is also possible to enter the specific model for which the service is to be requested, so as to bring the request already to a detailed and advanced state. Alternatively, the customer can make use of the Dedicated Care Team by Monclick with qualified operators who will help you identify the most suitable product for your business. In both cases, you will be contacted shortly by Monclick to receive a dedicated proposal that fully satisfies your needs.

“Our path of commitment to the business world is continuing and the operational rental, as well as the financing reserved for companies, are part of a broader framework of services and products that Monclick reserves for professionals”, he has declared Massimo Visone, Sales & Marketing Director of Monclick. “SMBs have special high-tech needs that go beyond just selling products online. We know this well and we are constantly dedicated to offering them all-round solutions for their business”.