There is a world of racing games beyond Forza, Gran Turismo and Dirt. One of the most dedicated companies that has been doing a good job in recent years is Milestone Srlwhose most important projects are motorcycling games, such as Ride, MotoGP It is MXGP. Monster Energy Supercross continues this development, with the presence of official drivers from the American circuit, as well as the event locations.

The predominance of game modes is offline. Time Attack, single race, championships, career mode and track editing, which allows you to create your own circuit from scratch. To play in multiplayer we have the traditional modes that promote quick competition or games configured according to the player’s preference. And in addition to having fun with your favorite driver, there is the possibility of creating your own driver and shining on the tracks with a unique character in the categories. 250SX It is 450SX.

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To improve your equipment you need to earn Prestige Points, which are acquired by participating in races, whether finishing events or completing even a single match. Still talking about personalization, track editing is one of the game’s strengths, which gives the player the opportunity to create their own track and share it with the online community.

When starting the bike, it is clear that the title is not a simulator, but a game with accessible gameplay, but that still tries to respect the physics in order not to lose the realism of the sport. In other words, Monster Energy is easy to play once you get used to the dynamics of the tracks, which have many sharp curves, elevations and obstacles. One of the biggest challenges for beginners is driving without crashing into opponents, as there are many pilots in a narrow space, but once you get the hang of it, things get simpler.

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The graphics leave nothing to be desired. The uniforms and bikes are well modeled, the perspective of the scenery was masterfully designed, and added to the lighting effects and the clamor of the audience, it gives the feeling that you are truly in a motocross event. Unfortunately some effects that would give greater realism like dust / mud rising or dirty uniforms of the pilots are not convincing. The game also features other camera perspectives besides 3rd Person. The other modes focus on the pilot’s view, including a view from inside the helmet, which, although they don’t leave anything to be desired, require a little more practice to be able to play perfectly.

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Monster Energy Supercross is a complete experience for extreme sport lovers. The various online and mainly offline game modes, the creation of tracks along with the possibility of sharing them online, give the game more life, making it worth the investment for those who really identify with the genre. There are points to improve, such as frame drops and some effects that could be present, but even so, it is an honest game that has its potential.