‘Monster House’, goonies on a scary night.

Sponsored by none other than Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, this new animated film now comes to our screens, a genre in which more and more films are being made every year, and always, year after year, Pixar is the winner very above its competitors. ‘Monster House’ It is produced by Columbia and targets the animation craze with the “motion capture” system. Zemeckis had already made a film with this technique that was a commercial failure, undeservedly said in passing, entitled ‘Polar Express’ and that was a real pleasure for the senses. The advances with respect to that film starring Tom Hanks are practically infinite, and it is that visually ‘Monster House’ it is an unforgettable experience in all aspects.

The film tells the adventure of two boys and a girl when they discover that the house in front of one of them has a life of its own, as it swallows a lot of toys and has tried to swallow people. Since nobody believes them, and it is a story not to believe it, they decide to investigate on their own by entering their own house. The film is a happy return to the productions of Mr. Spielberg, and others that are not, of the 80s, focusing mainly on ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Scary Night’, very clear references of this film and to which he alludes several times during his footage. The first time because the protagonists seem removed directly from there and it is as if we were watching a new adventure from that endearing group of adventurer friends; and the second, especially in its first half, when the protagonist sees strange things in the house across the street through the window of his room, just as the protagonist did in the magnificent vampire film directed by Tom holland. There are even scenes that are practically the same.

There are many other titles to which ‘Monster House’ makes reference and all are well known but it is not plan that I start citing them all, entertain yourselves by finding the multiple tributes that exist in the film. In addition, the setting is that of those years, something that is never said in the film but it is not necessary because you can see it. It also has the same friendly tone of those productions, some of which seen today stand as true classics since they have won over time, apart from thanking them for never treating the viewer as if they were a complete moron, something in which many current productions allegedly intended for a child or youth audience fall.

‘Monster House’, goonies on a scary night

Technically the film is impeccable, to be left with your mouth open. There are impressive scenes, such as the entire final part, full of amazing effects and camera movements that dress the film in a unique way. To say that the characters have enormous expressive power in their eyes, something that they used to skate quite a bit in the “motion capture” technique. That makes us face very lively characters and full of personality. And it is that one of the successes of the film is how perfectly defined and drawn all the characters are, which although they respond to topics, they are not annoying or ungrateful at any time.

Gil Kenan has made his feature film directing debut with this film and his work is admirable up to a point. I explain. Kenan gives the film an impressive rhythm that never wanes. It also prints a certain personality to certain scenes, but (and this is the main flaw of the film) it does not endow them with enough force to be anthological. Everything we see we like, it amuses us, but we are not passionate about it.

‘Monster House’, goonies on a scary night

Still a good film that passes in a heartbeat and although it does not reach the levels of ‘Cars’, it does far exceed other films of its same class such as the overrated ‘Ice Age 2’ and ‘Invader Neighbors’. I don’t know if the movie is a success or not. In the USA it was somewhat moderate, and here I don’t think it’s going to burst box offices, much less when they premiere it on the same day as the highly anticipated ‘Alatriste’, which I hope to see today. My recommendation with ‘Monster House’ is that you give it a chance, you will not regret it, especially those who, like me, went from childhood to puberty in the 80s, while we watched a series of films that would mark us forever.