There are a lot of people who have been disappointed after trying the demo of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS, and that is due to a very important factor that has to do with the nature of the game. The Monster Hunter satisfies the player by rewarding him for his gradual and constant progress, for perfecting his own skill instead of just increasing levels and statistics, and that is practically impossible to translate in a trial version, limited by definition. Parties are always more fun after the formalities and presentations, when the ice breaks and the atmosphere warms up, and that can be extrapolated here: it is a bit tedious and repetitive in the first bars of the adventure, when every detail is new to you. It overwhelms you and you think you are incapable of getting everything they ask of you, but when you have already had a few drinks, the debauchery is unstoppable. Monster Hunter does very well that of making you feel authentically vulnerable, in the same way that it satisfies like no other when you manage to believe yourself invincible.

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Man does not only hunt and capture: as a good explorer, he will have to carry out missions to collect mushrooms, minerals and all kinds of objects.

This reissue of the original Wii title, Ultimate, is for Capcom a definitive overhaul that seeks to expand the audience of the saga and finish consolidating a western fan base as dedicated as the one that exists in Japan – good proof of this is decision to launch two versions of the same game, one for Wii U and one for 3DS. Despite having spent two years since the launch of Tri, creating our own character and hunting monsters like someone who is going to buy bread is still a very interesting challenge, which, unlike what usually happens in many other titles, requires memorize the movement and behavior patterns of the enemies (where they rest, where they eat, when they escape and to where) in order to be the winner in each confrontation, and whose appeal also lies in the enormous customization capacity when dressing the character, with weapons and armor created from the materials we earn by sweating the fat drop.

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“In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate there are more character classes, new areas, monsters and weapons that were not in Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.”

That is the grace and the main reason behind the enormous success of this saga of hunting and capturing monsters. Combat, as fans will well know, requires a lot of patience, technique and planning, and to master it it is not enough to choose the weapon that best suits our needs, we must also become a true Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente de la fauna virtual . It is due to an incentive closer to self-improvement than to an interactive movie that the long duration of the game is more organic than it seems.

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Now, does that justify the purchase of the game for those who have already invested hundreds of hours in Monster Hunter 3 for Wii, which is practically the same game? Well, it depends. There is a lot of added content (almost fifty percent more, according to Capcom, something that considering the huge amount of the original is not to be taken as a joke), but most of the surprises, if not almost all, are reserved for the higher levels of the game, so it is up to each one to assess whether it is worth re-tanning a hunter for hours and hours for that.

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Each weapon adapts to a different play style, and it is important to learn to master them all to facilitate combat. For a flying enemy, for example, perhaps it is more suitable to use the bow.

There are more character classes, new areas, and monsters largely taken directly from previous installments in the series. Weapons have also been added to offer a total of twelve. To those already known, (great sword, long sword, sword and shield, hammer, spear, ax-sword, light crossbow and heavy crossbow) are joined by some others that did not appear in Tri, such as the bow, the flute, the spear- pistol and double swords. The latter are especially interesting since they are very light and allow the character to move with much more ease when avoiding the attacks and lunges of the monsters, but in reality they are all attractive and necessary at some point in the game. And that is another of the main characteristics of Monster Hunter: investing enough time you can get to handle each one of them with ease, and that makes you feel very destroyer.

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The resolution has been improved if we compare it with the original for Wii and the textures have been rescaled, but the makeup does not completely hide some wrinkles that stand out more in high definition. And it remains inexplicable that the scenarios continue to be divided into different zones, each with its loading time; The wait between them has been shortened a lot, but the system already sings too much.

To make ourselves known among the other players, the guild card has been renewed, in which the details of our character are shown and that we can share through the 3DS StreetPass. But without a doubt one of the most celebrated additions is the inclusion of a button to center the camera on the largest monsters, a decision that solves the terrible problems that other iterations suffered. In the same way, the behavior of monsters has undergone slight changes, and now it is much easier to detect the moment when they begin to run out, a basic signal to learn how to capture them.

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Everything can be done through the Wii U GamePad, which has customizable menus to adjust inventory and icons as we see fit, and we can even completely clear the television screen so that the map and all indicators appear only on the remote . The problem is that it becomes uncomfortable to have to constantly look from one screen to another, because you lose sight of the action. It’s a sin considering how important timing is in Monster Hunter, but it’s still just another option.

“Monster Hunter succeeds in making you feel genuinely vulnerable, in the same way that it satisfies like no other when you manage to believe yourself invincible.”

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The best, however, is the online mode through which we can go hunting with three other players and speak directly with them through the microphone of the GamePad. It is the best place to test yourself, collect resources and see how well the different combat specialties complement each other, where all the potential is awakened and all the fun it can offer unfolds. At the time of writing the review the game is not yet out, so we don’t know how things will work when the servers start to fill up; We did not have any problems in our online games, but we will have to wait to see if the servers behave as well after launch. Hopefully so, anyway, because the April update will not only allow us to play on the controller, but it will remove the region lock online and allow European, American and Japanese users to play together.

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It’s hard to rate a game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. There is a lot of content that requires many hours of play, and it is still an improved version of a game that was already very good back in 2010. But it has no mercy. Behind the fascination caused by each monster we meet and the routine learning of their patterns lies a new and greater challenge, and the growing conviction that this time yes, that after having quit five times you will be able to kill that damn Rathalos who it resists you. And despite being recycled, that’s a very genuine feeling.

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