Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate begins with our character aboard a large ship that sails across the desert under a blazing sun, and from what can be sensed scorching. Suddenly a roar unbalances the ship, and a huge Daren Mohran unfolds his jaws from the sand while the supposed captain asks us for help inviting us to use the cannons against him; every now and then the creature charges furiously and tips the ship, and all we can do is hold on to anything to save our lives and wait until we have time to fire again.

Beyond the spectacular nature of the first minutes and how they are used to introduce us to one of the game’s territories and some new basic actions, it is an interesting way, rather different, to introduce everyone who has never played the peculiar world Monster Hunter, but also those who have been living their hunter life for years. Monser Hunter 4 Ultimate is more aware of what the franchise has not done so well so far, and solves it more easily; it’s more accessible, more balanced, but it’s still the same as ever. It limits itself to adding depth to mechanics that any hobbyist recognizes instantly, and teaches the novice with more confidence without falling into those slow and endless presentations – sometimes confusing, even – that already seemed to be the brand of the house. It doesn’t change that much, because there are still hours and hours ahead to learn the essential steps and get used to its routine, but now the tutorial is well camouflaged and feels more organic.

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Among the new weapons is the Insect Glaive, which fires a kinsect that is very useful for directly attacking enemy weak points. You can also improve our attack conditions temporarily.

You know what the theme is about, I suppose: after a somewhat archaic character creation (no, that hasn’t changed) the player takes the role of a monster hunter who must kill all kinds of creatures to earn a living and get items new ones with which to create new weapons and armor. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is an action RPG with a choreographic combat and a lot of exploration that invites you to visit areas of all kinds, vast territories with their own fauna and flora, and that especially requires that the player know what they are doing and how they should prepare before to start a confrontation. It is one of those games that grows with the player, so as we develop our skills it becomes more satisfying.

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You can see that the Capcom team has put all the effort into applying the experience accumulated over more than ten years to refine and, more importantly, balance what they created themselves. There is new content to stop a train, new systems, very crazy weapons (like the Loading Ax, which is already among my favorites) and, as I said, a new way of approaching the adventure that dodges many of the obstacles that were driving some away. players of these Pokémon simulators to the beast. They are details, small tweaks that make this Monster Hunter one of the most gratifying to play; now, for example, it is easier to navigate through the menus thanks to the customizable interface – we can use the potions or rations by tapping the touch screen – and although its operation is still somewhat cumbersome due to the amount of things there are items are easier to manage and organize to be ready for any battle, a simple but crucial change that every seasoned player is sure to appreciate.

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Also the stages are designed with agility in mind. As for Val Habar and the rest of the charming villages, they are now more compact and distributed with greater benevolence, so it will not be so common to have to kick their streets over and over again, that the long walks are in charge of the missions. . There are many and very varied, and each of them offers services and places that are not found anywhere else, so more than ever it gives the feeling that we are facing a diverse and rich world. Small changes.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is also one of the first games that will make use of the functionalities of the new (worth the redundancy) New Nintendo 3DS, such as the right stick or the new improved 3D, since it will arrive on the same day as the laptop and it will be one of the great candies to attract players to these models. For those who continue with the first 3DS, luckily, there are few disadvantages – only small differences in frame-rate -, and the lack of a second stick is made up for by a tactile crosshead that does the job if we can get the hang of it, but that it is certainly not the same. Those who enjoy the privilege of having the official Circle Pad Pro, of course, can configure the game to be able to move the camera with more ease. It’s something.

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We can also complete missions using the help of the Felyne, the breed of felines that help us in combat and provide us with help, and participate in missions with up to three friends over the internet or the local network. Beyond all the news, Monster Hunter 4 is faithful to its origins, and it is still one of those games that require a lot of time, and we are talking about hundreds of hours, to be able to enjoy one hundred percent. That is something that many of us will be willing to do, but that can leave a potential new audience in the middle. Even so, everything indicates that the decisions taken have led Capcom on the right path; Much would have to change things for the monster to turn against them.

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