Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC.

The award-winning and super-successful saga monster hunter premieres the acclaimed monster hunter rise in PC (Steam) format. The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise offers features such as 4K resolution support, advanced graphics options, voice chat, support for ultra-wide screen monitors, and much more.

Following its critically acclaimed release on Nintendo Switch™ earlier this year, Monster Hunter Rise transports players to the colorful village of Kamura as it prepares to defend itself against the impending new quest known as Rampage. At launch, hunters can take on all previously released post-launch and collaborative content up to Nintendo Switch update 3.6.1 solo or with up to three other users in cooperative online play!

Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC

You can watch the launch trailer at the link below.

To overcome the impending Rampage, the hunters of Kamura must utilize the new hunting companions, Palamute, and the “Wirebug” grappling mechanic, while engaging in the saga’s signature action-packed combat. Palamute “Canyne” companions join saga favorites “Felyne” Palicoes to assist users during the hunt. As well as bringing their considerable offensive prowess to any fight, Palamutes can also carry hunters on their backs, quickly chasing down any fleeing monsters and traversing open maps.

Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC

Wirebugs, meanwhile, make it easy for hunters to nimbly grapple in any direction during a hunt and can be combined with each of the 14 weapon types to create “unique Silkbind Attacks.” Damaging monsters with these new attacks will make them susceptible to the new “Wyvern riding” technique, which allows users to temporarily take control of a monster and trigger spectacular battle sequences during the hunt.

When players aren’t exploring one of the five expansive locations, such as the Sanctuary Ruins, Flooded Forest, and Sandy Plains, they can also battle hordes of massive monsters in Monster Hunter Rise’s new Rampage quest type.

Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC

In these quests, hunters must work with the citizens of Kamura’s village to prepare their defensive facilities and protect the Fortress’s barricades against waves of invading monsters, including the powerful Apez monsters that may appear during the siege. In addition to the new game mode, Monster Hunter Rise adds new “Swap Skills” for each weapon as hunters progress through the game. By swapping these new abilities with existing normal or Silkbind attacks, users can create all new combos and strategies to fit their preferred play style.

Monster Hunter Rise will include new features to improve bonding with other users on hunts. Dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer adjusts automatically as new users drop in and out of a central quest. The new “Hunter Connect” feature allows users to create tags with their goals and play style, search for others with the same tags, or invite friends they have joined. By completing a quest in the multiplayer stream, users will be able to “like” the other hunters in their party, increasing the chance that they will meet up in matchmaking.

Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC

main features

Fierce monsters with a unique ecology

Hunt a huge variety of monsters with their own unique behavior and deadly ferocity. From returning classics to all-new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, including the signature monster, the wyvern Magnamalo. You’ll need to think fast and learn its quirks if you want to claim any of the rewards!

Choose a weapon and show your skills

Wield 14 different weapon types with unique playstyles, both close and long range. Attack and strike hard with the devastating greatsword, spectacularly take down monsters with the sleek longsword, become a deadly whirlwind of razor-sharp blades with the blazing dual swords, charge forward with the devastating spear at the ready, or shoot from afar with the bow and crossbows. . These are just some of the types of weapons that you will find in the game, so you will always find a perfect one for you.

Hunt, gather materials and craft to become the ultimate predator

Each monster you hunt provides you with materials with which to craft new weapons and armor, and upgrade your current gear. Head back out into the wild to hunt even fiercer monsters for even better rewards! Change weapons whenever you want in one of the equipment boxes. The possibilities are limitless!

Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC

The Monster Hunter Rise PC release includes a solid roster of monsters to defeat, as well as all content up to and including Nintendo Switch update 3.6.1. These free title updates included multiple additional monsters, including fan favorites Chameleos and Valstrax, as well as collaboration content with iconic games like Okami, Ghosts ‘n Golbins and more. Future post-launch content will sync up with the Nintendo Switch version in late February 2022. Additionally, the massive paid expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak™ is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC owners in Summer 2022. More Details on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be revealed at a later date.

In addition to the standard edition of Monster Hunter Rise, the Special Deluxe Edition includes the standard version of the game, as well as a voucher for digital downloadable content that can be redeemed for additional in-game content, such as a full-cloaked “Kamurai” armor set. ”, exclusive poses, cosmetic items and much more. PC users will receive a free celebration item set packed with useful items at launch, along with access to the Guild Cross armor set that offers great defense to get through early game missions and reach high rank in Little time.

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Monster Hunter Rise now available on PC