Capcom released during the Monster Hunter digital event a new trailer and more information about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, which will be released on July 9 for PC (Steam) and Switch with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese.

As reported by Capcom, the trailer introduces a little more of the fellow Monsties, the rivalries between different groups and the story. As a Monster Rider capable of using an Affinity Stone to forge strong bonds with monsters, players will encounter Lilia and Reverto, who return after their participation in the first Monster Hunter Stories. The pair are on a mission to capture their fellow Ratha Ravager before he can awaken the destructive power foreshadowed in the Wings of Ruin prophecy. Behind them is a group of Hunters and Riders who intend to capture the Ratha Slayer for their own plans.

More details will be revealed soon about the relationship between these returning characters and the previously revealed cast, as well as the player’s dilemma between saving their friends or saving the world.

Additionally, the Monster Hunter digital event showed the first details about the strategic elements behind the turn-based battle system. The three types of attack – Power, Quick and Technical – are the same as those present in Monster Hunter Stories, but aspiring Monster Riders also have to master the correct use of weapon types, elements and skills to overcome the increasing challenges.

By learning about each monster’s battle style, players can fight using the most appropriate attack type. In addition, it is possible to incapacitate monsters by breaking specific body parts, and also perform Double Attacks in combination with your Monstie. Battlemates can even join your team in combat to unleash powerful Affinity Attacks that can turn the tide of the fight.

Lastly, it was also announced that Monster Hunter Rise for Switch will receive its first free update later today. In addition to the arrival of the Elder Dragons Kushala Daora, Teostra and the already announced Chameleos, players will be able to face Diablos Alfa and Rathalos Alfa. This update will also allow you to face existing Alpha monsters in normal quests, outside of Frenzy quests.

Additionally, Magnamalo will appear in Frenzy missions, layered armor can be forged, and the hunter rank cap will be unlocked by meeting certain conditions. New event quests will also be released after the update, and they can be played offline anytime once downloaded. Those who enjoy customizing their character will also be able to purchase cosmetic DLC, including new voice options, sticker sets, emotes, layered armor for their Friends and more.