The highly anticipated release of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for Nintendo Switch™ adds an entirely new adventure to the award-winning and successful Monster Hunter™ saga. Following the success of Monster Hunter Rise™ earlier this year, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will see players jump into the saddle from the skin of a young Monster-Rider from the tropical Village of Mahana.

This race of independent warriors is able to befriend the powerful yet fantastical monsters of the Monster Hunter franchise using a mysterious item called the Binding Stone. Accompanied by their companions the “Monsties”, with whom they have a strong bond, they will embark on an epic adventure full of charming characters, challenging combat and crucial decisions that will decide the future of the world. In addition to the extensive narrative, Monster-Riders will be able to team up to explore cooperative dungeons together and test their bond with their Monsties in battles against other players.

After a mysterious girl named Ena entrusts the player with an unhatched Rathalos egg, the duo set out to discover the reason for the sudden disappearance of the Rathalos throughout the world and the truth behind the ominous Prophecy of the Wings of Dragons. the ruin. As they progress through Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, players must engage in strategic turn-based combat, accumulate experience, and sharpen their skills to further their bond with the wondrous creatures of the Monster Hunter saga. In addition to being able to choose from a variety of weapon types that fans of the series will already be familiar with, Monster-Riders will be able to direct their attacks at specific body parts of the monsters they face to deal additional damage, gain materials with which to forge new equipment and even stop their opponents in their tracks. Some of the charming characters that players will encounter throughout their adventure will team up as Battle Sync Pairs to take on increasingly imposing enemies. When players or their Battle Syncs refill their bond gauge during combat, they will be able to perform devastating Binding Abilities that allow the Monster-Rider and his Monstie to attack together. By strategically timing their attacks with their Monsties and Battle Buddies, Monster-Riders will be able to set the pace of every battle.


In order to bond with new Monsties, players of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will have to delve deep into any Monster Lair they find on the field and collect new Monstie Eggs. Monster Lairs come in all shapes and sizes, and the rarest ones contain elusive eggs with the potential to store hard-to-find genes with which to customize your Monsties. Fortunately, self-proclaimed hero Felyne Navirou returns from Monster Hunter Stories to offer her support and help players find the eggs with the most potential. When players return from exploring the many exotic regions, they can hatch new Monstie companions to build their dream group of Monsties, or use the Channeling Rite to pass on rarer and more powerful attributes to a new Monstie. By combining genes from the same element or attack type, players can create a team of incredibly specialized Monsties, or mix genes from different monsters to create a more versatile Monstie, capable of utilizing abilities from each attack type and element.

Monster-Riders interested in teaming up with other players will be able to explore cooperative dungeons, which offer greater challenges in exchange for the chance to obtain incredibly rare and powerful monster eggs. Once players have built their dream team, they can put their bond to the test in battles against other players. Even after building a powerful team, the most determined Monster-Riders will need to keep an eye out, as post-launch updates will bring new Monsties to collect and challenges to face. The first update will arrive on July 15, and will introduce Comrade Canyne from Monster Hunter Rise as a new companion Monstie.


In addition to the Standard Edition (available in physical and digital versions for Nintendo Switch), Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin also has a digital-only Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes a wide variety of cosmetic options. Players can customize their appearance with the “Ratha Kalapteron” layered armor set and a Nergigante-inspired hairstyle, the Kuan’s Coat outfit for the Wyverian companion Ena, two new outfits for Navirou, and two sets of stickers representing the various companions that she wears. players will encounter throughout their adventure. Additionally, those who have Monster Hunter Rise save data on their Nintendo Switch will be able to unlock the “Kamura’s Garb” layered armor for their character. For potential Monster-Riders looking to test the waters of Mahana Village, a Trial Version with the ability to transfer all data is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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