Monster Hunter World: Iceborne registers close to 285,000 players on Steam

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since September 6, but players had to wait until January 9 to gain access to the PC version.

The arrival of the expansion for the PC version of Capcom’s acclaimed Action RPG had an immediate effect on the number of players playing it on Steam and revealed that the vast majority of players have returned to Monster Hunter World.

When the game arrived on the PC, it registered an approximate peak of 335,000 players simultaneously and now, with the arrival of Iceborne, there are close to 285,000 players who are playing it.

It is a clear sign that the hunters were anxious with the arrival of the expansion and that they want to discover the snow-covered landscapes, where new monsters are hiding to hunt.

This allowed Capcom’s game to move up to fourth in the most played list on Steam, just like in the weeks after the base game debuted.

#Iceborne is OUT TODAY on PC, along with the mighty Zinogre!
?? Available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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