Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right.

Last September, we had the opportunity to exclusively test, for about an hour, the new Monster hunter world and our experience was quite good, although we were wanting more. Our surprise was even better, when Koch Media He told us a few days ago that we could try it again, this time one much more complete version and for much longer. In this way, yesterday we moved to the Play room of PlayStation in Madrid, and we were able to experience many features of the new Monster Hunter World first-hand, so, without further ado, we are going to tell you everything “The new world” will offer us on January 26.

A very great game in all aspects

Since September we are left with an incredible desire to return to the New World what does this propose Monster hunter world and we came back in style. We were sitting in the PlayRoom about 4 hours with a PS4 Pro in hand to enjoy all the features of the new game of Capcom with the best possible quality.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

We began our long session of the game with the first minutes of Monster Hunter World story, in which we can enjoy an impressive cinematic that, for reasons however, we cannot reveal its content, but we will tell you that it is a real delight for the eyes.

Minutes later we have the opportunity to personalize your character with a wide characterization section. As usual, we have several predetermined patterns which offer a wide variety of possibilities to give birth to our protagonist. From the genre of it, through all its physical features, we will have a wide freedom to characterize our character. The same goes for our «comrade»A felini, who we can characterize to our liking, which gives the game a very personal touch.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right


We have also prepared a preview in the form of a video so that you can take a look at all the details that we are discussing today. We leave you with him:

If you want to be the first to have it, you can already reserve it through Amazon:

Hunting monsters like never before

Directly, We go on to experience again the gameplay of this Monster Hunter World and we see the momentous change in relation to the preliminary version that we tested a few months ago. The control system is much more complete and as a consequence we have enjoyed the wide variety of main character movements of the title. Climb, slide, cartwheel, and run, are many of the combinations of movements available in the game, which, we think fits perfectly to the controller of a console (in this case PS4), with a very intuitive and simple control system.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

Within this section and as we told you a few months ago, the game appears to be structured to attract new players to the franchise Monster hunter, and in this way there are different aids on the stage, on the map and a constant river of information in the HUD.

One of the innovations of this new game of Capcom consite in the Scout flies, or how the “Lafarillos”. As many of you know, it is a kind of scout fireflies, which highlight objects or monster clues that we have to hunt. In addition, they also show us the path we have to follow stela-shaped, which will make things much easier, especially for less experienced players. What if… you can lose the essence of Monster Hunter, but a little help from time to time does not hurt so as not to get lost in the wide scenario that this game proposes.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

Another factor that we really liked is that our minimap, and the Map that we can deploy at any time, updates automatically in real time with objects, points of interest and creatures, as we progress through the The new World. This worked for us very useful when discovering nearby tracks to our character and points of interest than to be able to explore.

Explore, collect and upgrade

Speaking of objects and resources, we have seen that It is highly recommended to go collecting most of the elements that we find on the map, or those that we can extract from the creatures we hunt, because they will be very useful to improve our equipment. Weapons and our costume can be improved thanks to a quite interesting progress system and wide, but yes, it will not be easy since to improve them will require many materials, as well as game credits.

Contextualizing the game a bit, we get back to in the skin of a hunter, with which we embarked on an expedition to a recently discovered continent known as “the new World”. Unfortunately, we cannot give you more details of the story, but we can talk about some factors of it.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

For example, we really liked the fact that the action takes place from a base of operations where we can access numerous elements of the game, in true Destiny style. Thus we find a quest board in which we can choose the mission we want to carry out. These are distributed in four main branches:

  • Orders: Main missions of the story mode that we will not be able to repeat again.
  • Optional Missions: As its name suggests, extra missions that we can do and redo as many times as we want.
  • Research: Missions to investigate and eliminate different types of creatures.
  • Events: Cooperative missions that we can enjoy with four other players.

Among many places of interest, we can also access the Forging, a place where we can improve our equipment, as well as create new objects and change the equipment of our character.

We were able to play some 5 missions, we even tried the cooperative mode that we will talk about now, and we think that Monster hunter world keep that system of creation and progression based on skills, so characteristic of the series.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

Thus, the gaming experience is quite good, allowing players to move freely. between the different areas in which the map is structured. Thus, the sensation conveyed by the stage is full of life, with some very dynamic ecosystems, with which we can interact at all times. In fact, as in most Monster hunter, the environment will play a very important role in relation to the combats against the creatures. Vegetation, type of terrain or even the other creatures on the stage, can play to our advantage in battle. In this way, the strategic component of Monster hunter world, in which, with our cunning and skill, we will have to decide which conditions are better to hunt one type of creature or another.

An efficient hunter

He combat system, it has worked again for us (generally depending on the weapon we use) Quick and hectic, with a series of movements very spectacular. If you are not regular players of the saga, or if it is the first time you play Monster hunterIt will cost you a bit to relate to the title, but as the hours go by, You will acquire all the techniques to become a great hunter. Also, in the version we play, We were able to test 16 of the 40 weapons that we will find in Monster Hunter World, so there are numerous options to choose from that will perfectly suit our game.

We also had I really want to try the cooperative mode so it was. We played a couple of missions in groups of 4 players (local multiplayer) to hunt down a couple of monsters and the experience was hilarious. In addition, we found this system more fluid than expected despite being an unfinished version of the game, so we are very happy with this section.

Further, we really liked the “drop in” system of online multiplayer. When the battle is too difficult for one person, players can call for help by throwing a flare, through which up to three other companions can join. This notice will jump to a world server which will be full of potential companions that can help us in our particular hunt.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

The great fluidity of the New World

As we told you in his day, the technical section has turned the saga upside down, offering the best graphics we’ve ever seen in a Monster Hunter, which is logical due to the platforms where the rest of the games have come out. And we are facing the first version of the saga on a new generation console.

We were able to play Monster hunter world in a PS4 Pro and we have to say that We did not notice any stability problems at any time, even in the hectic moments of combat, when more elements were on the screen. Other colleagues who were with us, they also highlighted this good quality on PlayStation 4, therefore, we can anticipate that Capcom has done a good job in this regard.

He environment design it has turned out again very beautiful visually speaking, thus finding a pretty decent draw distance and some very correct finishes and details to be the best Monster Hunter in terms of graphic quality.

Monster Hunter World Preview: The Art of Doing Things Right

On the other hand, we have finally been able to experience the sound section of Monster hunter world, which comes with a large number of options. In our case, we play with the game dubbed into Spanish, and what we could hear held a remarkable quality. Notably Capcom has thought of everything, and has also added an option to change the language of the audio and texts, including the Monster Hunter original language. A small detail that will undoubtedly love the most purist players of the saga.

The soundtrack it also helps to immerse us in the environment that surrounds the game. This will change depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. For example, if we are exploring an area of ​​the map, the songs will be slow and quiet, but instead, if we enter into conflict with a beast, the music will be much more active.

In conclusion, our second contact with Monster Hunter World has been simply spectacular. We liked it much more than expected in all its aspects: The new world, the combat and player progression system, the wide variety of weapons, the monster design, the customization section and the gameplay They are very well cared for, combining in a game that, for the moment, is praised by everyone who tries it. January, we await you with open arms.

Are you looking forward to the new Monster Hunter World? If you have any questions, you can take advantage and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Koch Media and PlayStation for allowing us to relive this experience.