With the superhuman effort that the people at Ubisoft made when it comes to the marketing of their ‘Assasin’s Creed’ (I’m not talking about a superhuman effort in terms of optimization for PS3, of course) it was not surprising that it became an all-terrain in sales . That’s how it went. A mega hit as soon as it went on sale a few months ago. How were they going to avoid continuing to take advantage of the vein? Who could resist? Ubisoft certainly not.

Some time ago we talked about the version that Nintendo DS would receive from the adventures of Altair, known as ‘Altair Chronicles’. Well, it turns out that the guys from GameSpot have been able to prove it and their conclusions are very interesting. The first thing that stands out is that despite what had been speculated, it will not be a completely free 3D adventure, like the big brother for the next-gen consoles. Essentially it is a horizontal scrolling action game.despite the fact that the scenarios leave us a bit of freedom at the level of depths and heights.

The story (Altair has to recover a mysterious object that Al-Mualim wants to obtain) and the levels are presented in a linear way (we will go from one possible murder to another) unlike the more or less free progression that the ‘ Assassin’s Creed’. And now comes the good part… the obstacles that we will find in our way will include snakes, moving platforms and spiked traps. Come on, this is going to look suspiciously like Toki (to name a game that contains these three elements, but there are hundreds that will surely come to mind).

Altair, for his part, continues to display some well-polished movements that we will remember from his time on the major consoles, although it seems that the control is a bit rough. We will enjoy mini games, in moments of torture, that will make use of the touch screen of our DS.

Regarding Altair’s fighting ability, say that he will have heavy and light attacks. By combining the two, we can access a good number of combos and special movements. But there is still more, along our way we will be collecting some blue spheres that we can later exchange for more power for our sword or for more life for our protagonist.

At the moment, despite the fact that the game’s menus have the same futuristic look as the next-gen version, there is no news from the Animus or Desmond. But knowing the careful marketing campaign that Ubisoft gave us (hiding the true story of the previous video game) it would not be surprising if at some point the temporal plane jumped to the future and Desmond will occupy the narration.

The truth is that there is not much left for its release on the market, so the doubts will not take long to be resolved.