For the past few days, we have attended the arrival of the first Macs with Apple Silicon processors. The US media have already been able to give their first impressions and just yesterday, I was telling you ours after having tested the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for a few hours. And the truth is that the sensations were just as other colleagues in the press have commented: Apple is on another level with this technology.

The new Mac with Apple Silicon processor are not only faster, they also have more battery, they do not get so hot and with technologies like Rosseta 2 we can use practically any app, whether or not it is compiled for M1

Not only are they faster, it also helps you progress like Rosseta 2 allow the use of applications compiled for Intel at about the same speed as any previous Mac (sometimes they even work better). In my first tests, I checked it using applications like Photoshop or Office365 (which do not have a native M1 final application yet) and they worked like a charm.

Not only that, even games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, at maximum quality, they can be played perfectly … under Rosseta 2. On a MacBook Air. No fan. For the incredulous, you have videos of everything in this “highlight” of my Instagram, where I am compiling these tests of which I will talk in detail in the final in-depth analysis that we will publish soon in SamaGame. In the meantime, we’ve talked a lot more in this podcast that you can listen to now.

A new Mac with more possibilities than ever

With Eduardo Archanco, we discussed the details of the new Macs: from the unboxing, the first steps with the configuration and the first tests with native applications and Rosseta. A good first approach that already allows us to draw conclusions not only about the future of Macs, but also about the present and the possibilities that have just been opened.

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More details of the first contact with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon and its possibilities, in the Applesfera Talks