Niantic is helping Pokémon Go players a bit more during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated release restrictions.
After being able to purchase a box with 30 smoked items for the last time, there is now another box for one coin.
It contains 100 Poké Balls, which should help you a bit if you are currently less on Pokéstops. It is only available once.
In addition, there are the following adjustments until further notice:
  • For the first take of the day, you get three times the stardust and experience points
  • You can currently open up to 30 gifts per day and take 20 coins with you in your item bag
  • Each week there will be new boxes for a room in the store, each with different content.
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The 100 Poké balls and 30 smoking items are still available until March 30 at 10 p.m.
On April 13, you will no longer have to walk or spend coins to unlock new battle sets in the Battle League.
The friendship level required to train matches against friends has been reduced on May 1. You can now play against players who are good friends or great friends.
Niantic had already canceled the raid weekend with Lugia today.
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