• Nintendo Switch # 1 selling console in the US for 22 months
  • Breaking the Xbox 360 record
  • According to market analysis, switch is important for the games industry despite next-gen

The Nintendo Switch remains at the top of the sales figures and thus sets a new record: The Switch can now call itself the best-selling console in the USA for 22 consecutive months. Thus, the hybrid console pushes the record holder Xbox 360 from the throne, because it held this title for “only” 21 months from 2011-2013. One reason for the continued popularity of the Switch are, in addition to the previously unique combination of console and handheld, exclusive games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizions.

Market analysts such as Mat Piscatella emphasize the current high importance of the switch within the games industry. Still, November could be exciting for the Switch and its sales figures when the extreme competitors PS5 and Xbox Series X hit stores. Then it is questionable whether the hybrid console can continue to hold onto the throne. If the rumors about a more powerful switch version are actually true, this could in any case mean new sales for the hybrid console in the future, but this is still speculative. In any case, the concept of the Switch differs enough from other consoles that it could compete with the next-gen – but that is decided by the market and will only become apparent in November and the following months.

Source : Twitter Feeds

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