Apple Watch leather straps have remained unchanged since its launch. A few days ago we saw a leak which indicated the existence of a service on these straps. And now more photos and a video have appeared showing these supposed new leather straps for Apple Watch.

New leather straps with different design and waterproof

The Vietnamese site was created with several of these so called straps second generation leather (via MacRumors). The colors in which we see these new suspenders are five: red, black, fuchsia, blue and light brown.

As you can see in the photos, the new straps would have more pronounced grooves. The shape of each is similar to a “pill” with rounded ends. In the original version, these grooves go to the extreme.

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ComparisonComparison Current leather buckle straps, where the grooves reach the edge.

As for the leather buckles currently on sale, they are fixed by a magnetic system (something Apple uses more and more). Each of these grooves has one inside, which makes the attachment quite complete.

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As for the properties of the straps, it is believed that they will be waterproof. Which expand the range activities to do with them. And other different shades are also added on the edge of each strap.

Replacement of current version and 40mm size


We must keep in mind that this is a leak and therefore it is information does not come from an apple. That said and judging from the pictures, the quality of the straps and their finishes can be appreciated. With what, we could be perfectly in front of authentic suspenders.

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If the forecast is met, it will most likely replace the current versions. These would be on sale while stocks last, so it would be likely to find them at a lower price than the current one. Its original price was 149 euros. Relatively recently, leather buckles have been lowered at 99 euros. Being the fluoroelastomer for 49 euros, it doesn’t look like it will be lowered further.

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While this website was made with five different designs, we also don’t know if there will be more colors. And above all, the existence of a 40 mm model. From the Vietnamese milieu, they indicate that this size could be part of the novelties of the new model. A great addition for those with a “small” Apple Watch.

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The leak does not indicate when these belts will hit the market. But from what we see, would be ready. Apple tends to release new straps in the spring and fall, taking advantage of the change in seasons. On some occasions we’ve seen new products during WWDC, but some straps don’t seem to fit that background.

Source: Appleinsider