More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown.

Live from the train where I try to explain to a conductor that he should call me “Your Honor”, ​​the Weekend Watch reports! Featuring a new Street Fighter collection, a Persona 5 anime and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay!

German retailer leaks Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection

Capcom got a big shoryuken in his face this weekend, because German retailer CoolShop has revealed a game too early. According to the webshop, Capcom is releasing a 30th anniversary edition of Street Fighter. Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection is coming to Xbox One and PS4. A NeoGaf user named Shinkendo claims to have more information from insiders. The Anniversary Collection will be revealed in the coming days and will feature more content than the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection of the same name that appeared in 2004. That was in celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary.

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown

Of course none of this has been confirmed by Capcom yet so take it with a grain of salt. CoolShop has since removed the product page.

Persona 5 anime announced

Don’t feel like putting 100 hours into Persona 5? No idea why I’m still talking to you but there is another way to experience the awesome story. Atlus announced a Persona 5 anime last night! The series will start broadcasting in 2018. Watching the first video, all party members will be present anyway.

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown

Persona 3 and Persona 4 also got their own animated series and movies, which distilled the story of the games well in a few hours. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to put 100 hours into Persona 5?

Thick new artwork from Metroid: Samus Returns

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, just over a month and then we can just play another Metroid! The 3DS remake Metroid: Samus Returns will be released on September 15 and will give the gray-green Gameboy world a completely new look. Check out these two beautiful pieces of artwork to push your hype to the max!

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker gameplay video

Naruto’s adventure may be over but his son is happy to take over from him! Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is a team-based fighter that combines the stories of both anime. I’ve got 16 minutes of gameplay on offer here. Enjoy!

30 minutes of Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay

Dynasty Warriors 9 also got half an hour of gameplay. Now there is a Dynasty Warriors game released almost every Sunday, but the developer has created a completely new engine for this part. And it shows because Dynasty Warriors 9 finally looks current gen!

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay

Finally, Sony showed some new gameplay from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at an event in Hong Kong. Fortunately, the images have now been shot online so we can enjoy it. The game will be released on August 23.

Videogamedunkey plays Splatoon 2

When Dunkey likes a game, his video is usually hilarious. And if he finds a game that sucks, we’ll get the Splatoon 2 review and I’ll laugh even harder. Kijkon!

Wassum again. Happy Sunday everyone!

More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay shown