Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch.

Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch

Moshi doesn’t make many accessories, but they stand out markedly from their faceless Chinese counterparts. These products are always in demand both at home and in the office, as well as on a walk or trip. Moshi accessories are distinguished by their quality and ergonomics, which makes them stand out. There are not many manufacturers in the market that try to rethink the algorithms of apple technology.

Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch

Not too long ago we covered the wireless charger for two devices, the functional dock and other devices from this manufacturer. This time we are talking about the Moshi Flekto, a compact and foldable charger for the Apple Watch. It must be said that the form factor of the accessory is very unusual.

Moshi Flekto exterior

The charger measures 6.86 × 3.64 × 1.86 centimeters. It features a curved plastic bow with noticeable thickening at the ends. The main part of the accessory is silver in color. On the outside, at the top of one of the halves, there is a white circular area with a small hole inside. This rubber base is responsible for the stability of the watch and prevents it from slipping. Keep in mind that the standard Apple Watch charger is much more slippery.

Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch

The arch is extended by a sturdy aluminum hinge in the center, and the strength is provided by the support. Inside the lower thickening there is a small tail of the USB-A charging cable. It can be removed from there and connected to a computer or an external charger. The bottom of the raised half has the manufacturer’s name printed on the outside in white lettering.

How does Moshi Flekto work?

The device itself comes in two forms: in a compact, folded version, it is easy to carry and can fit even in a pocket or a small bag.

Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch

In the unfolded version, the maximum angle between the halves is 75%. The position of the first inclined half is firmly held by a hinge, while the device itself is stable on the second horizontal surface. The cable (included) can be connected to the USB port, but the apple Watch must be placed on the white pad.

With a maximum tilt angle, the Moshi Flekto watch will look great in night mode. That’s where the apple Watch is most often on the nightstand. If you place it on the tilt, you can always easily see the current time. Thus, together with the Moshi accessory, the apple Watch is a very functional substitute for the usual watch, which can emit an uncomfortable light.

Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch

Inside the charger is a strong magnet that will hold the watch firmly in place in both landscape and portrait mode. An interesting feature of the design is that the cable with the USB connector can be left inside the thickening, which makes it possible to connect the entire accessory to the charging port at once. This is very useful if the Moshi Flekto simply doesn’t have anywhere to put it. A similar situation can occur with the power adapter plugged in. So the built-in cable can be tucked away so it won’t get damaged or tangled in transit, and it’s long enough to plug into any nearby USB port.

Moshi takes the compatibility of its devices very seriously. The Flekto is MFI certified, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the charger and the ability to work with all Apple Watch series, regardless of band size or style. A 10-year global warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

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Moshi Flekto Miniature Charger for Apple Watch


The Moshi Flekto is a very interesting, elegant and concise device. It doesn’t take up much space, and its capacities are much higher than those of the original Apple Watch charger. The Moshi Flekto is made from quality, durable materials and allows the watch to be placed at different angles while charging, which will improve its use even in this mode.