The blockchain gaming sector is advancing right alongside blockchain technology’s mainstream adoption. Although blockchain games were more play and grind games in the past, upcoming releases such as Guild of Guardians are challenging that impression.

Most Anticipated Crypto Games In 2022

Fueled by the ultra-popular play-to-earn (P2E) and the non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain protocols, blockchain games evolve into fun, engaging ecosystems that place excellence in gameplay first. So, let’s say you are into the open-world exploration gameplay setting.

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Alternatively, forge your gaming destiny on some of the most anticipated open-world RPG on blockchain worlds on Illuvium. But Illuvium is not the only play-to-earn blockchain game that is causing ripples in the gaming scene. Below are 2022’s most anticipated crypto games.


Ready to fight for ETH? You can do so on Illuvium, a fantasy role-playing game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Illuvium offers its players a lush, 3D open world, where they can explore and capture Illuvials.

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It is the blockchain gaming sector’s first AAA video game. The open-source Unreal Engine powers Illuvium’s 3D world. A potent 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine produces immersive photoreal visuals.

Illuvials are god-like beasts that have in-game NFT features. That means every player that captures these deities earns an NFT. Non-fungible token technology represents the value of real-world or digital items on blockchain ledgers. Consequently, an Illuvial has real-world value.

Illuvials are Illuvium’s greatest force. Players that crash land on Illuvium’s alien world automatically take on the roles of Hunters. Hunters must traverse Illuvium’s extreme weather and strange monster-ridden environment and capture Illuvials that they can leverage in gameplay against other Hunters.

Other Hunter tasks on Illuvium include unlocking collectibles such as obelisks that reward players with speed or sight. The game’s protocols store Illuvials as NFTs in a player’s crypto wallet.

Most Anticipated Crypto Games In 2022

Illuvium has over 100 Illuvials on offer. Each beast has a wide range of rarities and gameplay attributes. For example, Alluvials and Hunters play against each other on auto-battler mode on a ranked arena or the Colosseum like Leviathan Arena for ether.

Illuvium is free to play at Tier 0. Experienced gamers looking for high valued NFTs can opt for the paid version. Other exciting Illuvium blockchain-based features include Illuvium Zero, a metaverse with the real estate development characteristic common in Decentraland.


Illuvium Zero has players resource farming opportunities and real estate development for sale on the NFT market. There is also the IlluviDex, the game’s native marketplace, and the games tokens ILV and sILV. In addition, ILV has staking and governance features, making its holders part of the Illuvium DAO.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based game that blends all the best play to earn protocols with adventure. Its RuneScape-like environment has stoked many gamers that love Gielinor and its fantasy MMO legend and lore world.

That side, while gameplay is RuneScape’s main feature, it is a secondary component in DeFi kingdoms. This blockchain-based game’s beating heart is its decentralized exchange’s liquidity pool. What that means is DeFi Kingdoms pools together cryptocurrency assets and supports decentralized cryptocurrency trading.

To this end, players who deposit crypto tokens on DeFi Kingdoms pools can earn yield. It is an excellent passive income generation feature. Fortunately, the Harmony-based blockchain project has simplified the process by building the Dex and liquidity mining features into the game.

Most Anticipated Crypto Games In 2022

For this reason, JEWEL, its in-game currency, is a real cryptocurrency. JEWEL is now retailing at the $7 range. You can earn JEWEL by completing game quests. Gamers with JEWEL in their crypto wallets can summon heroes with NFT qualities.

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Alternatively, sell or rent DeFi Kingdom heroes on its Tavern, the in-game NFT marketplace. On top of that, to make more cash from the DeFi Kingdom, summon your heroes at the Tavern, then play the game. Earn your JEWEL and stake it in DeFi Kingdom pools. You will earn more JEWEL as yield.

Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a Clash of Clans-inspired game. Its PvP or player vs. player setting designed by Skrice Studios is an AAA quality base builder ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain. Solana is the fastest blockchain network with a transaction per second speed of 65,000.

When players get on Mavia, a fantasy island, they become base commanders. Therefore, it is their prerogative to grow Mavia defenses by building armies. On top of that, they can harness resources by attacking other bases.

Mavia’s main resources are oil, gold, and RUBY, the game’s utility and reward crypto asset. Gamers can win more $RUBY by winning offensive battles and defending the command base. In addition, $RUBY can purchase and upgrade Heroes of Mavia NFT Heroes.

These Heroes will enhance gameplay and increase attack and defense metrics. Heroes have real-world value and can bring in good returns on NFT marketplaces. MAVIA is the Heroes of Mavia governance token. It supports the exchange or trade of NFTs on the Mavia marketplace.

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Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is a Sci-fi AAA blockchain game set to release in the Q3 of this year. Its development team refers to it as a rapid-mech shooter game set in an open world sim. The team includes Blowfish and Animoca Brands.

Phantom Galaxies is in beta testing and has NFT features. Its upgradable planets, mech, and generative avatars are all NFT that gamers can trade or rent out for profit. Animoca is one of the blockchain gaming scene’s most influential developers. Its gaming studios have supported the development of Axie infinity and The Sandbox.

Most Anticipated Crypto Games In 2022