We have already talked about Motion on other occasions, an extension for Google Chrome that is slowly becoming a multipurpose Swiss Army knife, allowing us to do all kinds of things without leaving our browser.

If in other articles we explained how this extension was a great ally to combat procrastination, today we are going to test an interesting feature that they have just added: instant access to our calendars.

Calendars always at hand

Harry Qi, founder of Motion, assures that they have designed this tool looking for the experience to be as fast as possible: “nothing to load Google Calendar, look for the specific tab or change applications”.

Qi also talks about how important it is to be centered, and how “context switching is costly to your productivity”, since “it may take us several minutes to pick things up where we left off.”

“How many times do you switch to another tab to do something, and then when you’re done, you forget what you were working on before?” With Motion, you don’t change context or lose focus.

For many people, the calendar is something sacred, since it is a virtual space in which to always have in view all the events and tasks that are vital for our projects (both personal and work).

Thanks to a keyboard shortcut we can instantly load our calendar above any page we are on: Slack, Gmail, Instagram or SamaGame. We can check its operation in the video below.

A positive point of Motion Calendar is his design which, personally, reminds me a bit of Fantastical (one of the most loved and well-known calendar apps on iOS, iPadOS and macOS).

If you are a person who has many daily meetings, Motion will help you find the link to the video call in a matter of seconds (a pop up will even appear 15 seconds before the meeting).

Motion Calendar is an extension that bets on speed and concentration

Another positive point is that Motion Calendar will be in charge of generating and finding gaps in your agenda when planning an upcoming meeting. All this automatically, and adding the available spaces (for example) to an email:

Motion Calendar is an extension that bets on speed and concentration

Although you do not have to pay to install the extension, we will have to do it if we want to enjoy Motion Calendar. Yes indeed, we can try it for free for 14 days, and then we will have to choose between the two available plans: 10 or 30 dollars per month (there is the classic discount if we choose the annual plan).

It is an important amount, especially if we compare it with Fantastical (the annual subscription is 3.67 euros per month). Motion, in its favor, is multiplatform, and allows us to do all this without leaving our browser.