Realistic technology and engine support will enrich your MotoGP 20 career, but the lack of depth doesn’t move the series forward.

in the MotoGP 20 Nathan’s review tells you if Milestone can boost realism in this new title. Does the series progress or does it continue instantly?

Milestone argues MotoGP 20 in short, because according to the studio extreme realism is becoming the norm. First of all, the new member of the motorcycle family should appeal to you if you have the courage and the decision-making power. Of course, winning the races isn’t enough for the average veteran anymore – Milestone wants you to be surrounded by personal assistants in career mode. Their knowledge leads you to the configuration of your motorcycle which offers in-depth technical extensions. So the game looks realistic, but the features don’t offer enough depth to talk about any real progress in the series.

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At the start of your (semi-professional) career, you hire a personal manager and you are assigned to a chief engineer and data analyst. One defends your interests within the team, the other two directly influence the performance of your technical staff through a score. However, it is not clear what your manager does, other than collecting his monthly salary. Also, nowhere do you see how the other two techs are exerting their influence, because you don’t notice that your tech team is making bad proposals. The director and chiefs of staff are realistic flourishes that belong to a real career, but they are worthless. As a result, the MotoGP 20 has a semblance of realism, but due to a lack of transparency this does not fully happen.

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However, such an efficient Chief Engineer helps on paper, as Milestone introduces a new fuel and tire system in this edition. Along with fuel mileage, you determine how much fuel you take with you, which in turn affects the weight of your motorcycle. In turn, tire wear gives you three types of tires for the front and rear wheels. The weather at the start of a GP is not just a good snack: you have to adjust your tires to the temperature or on a wet or not wet road. The differences are subtle, but in a fast motorcycle race you feel the effect much better. Both components allow you to experiment and ultimately find the perfect setup. Due to the clear system feedback, the fuel and tire system is much more realistic than the introduction of assistants.

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The MotoGP 20 is also more beautiful than its predecessor. As a result, the game can also warm you up in other areas to start running, and you can take it literally. As the Qatar Grand Prix approaches, you can see the Losail circuit bathed in sunshine and smell the smoldering tarmac. In Austin, Texas, rain splashes across your screen in thick drops and jets of water under your wheels. Your urge to run naturally turns into healthy tension. The sound dampens your enthusiasm, because there is always a problem, just like in MotoGP 18: twenty racing bikes only cause a thud and if you stop in a test, other riders will even pass you by. So the sound still lacks depth, but the series visually takes action that amplifies your feeling of starting the race.

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Milestone is in the process of improving the graphics in the run-up to release, but is pushing you mostly in the direction of the editor. You can use it to personalize your motorcycle, suit, helmet etc like colors and add different layers. The goal is to create a completely personalized pilot, but which will ultimately only appeal to the creative patient. The die-hard rider mainly wants to refine his bike and hit the track. It’s a nice addition that, above all, doesn’t fundamentally change the series, and you wonder if, say, career mode didn’t deserve that better finish. In this regard, it is indicative of the minimal progress that the MotoGP 20 makes some visual adjustments and a new tire system draws all the attention. Milestone therefore leaves no progress to his idea; the issues have been known for some time and the MotoGP 20 hasn’t fixed them either.

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Finally, MotoGP 20 is difficult to seduce for newcomers. This way you can test the time to collect data that tells you more about the ideal setup. They are already a challenge in themselves, as the time you have is almost at the level of the competition. Furthermore, correct equipment is no guarantee of success. For example, you need soft tires in wet conditions, but timing and braking are even more important. It is not excluded that you fall ten times in the rain as a novice. Tools like automatic braking are welcome, but they also slow you down completely. While the few additions for veterans aren’t transparent enough, they seem too technical for newcomers. Milestone is therefore not able to convince all players with MotoGP 20.

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Extreme realism is a great term that Milestone takes a little too easily in the mouth. Personal assistants in career mode give a semblance of realistic depth, but they are too flat to be effective. The sights and climate of each GP create enough atmosphere, but in terms of sound, the game is stuck in the past. In addition, the full editor is not essential. With the new technical features, you can get down to business – at least if you already have enough kilometers on the odometer. After Milestone sets high expectations for the MotoGP 20, the studio is off to a good start, but quickly flies around the corner.

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Nathan reviewed MotoGP 20 on PC.

Source: IGN