Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide.

Immediately underline: in the game, these are synonyms. Satellites in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – The best option to expand the team with more powerful units. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to hire partners, why they’re so important, and answer a number of other questions about them.

How to hire associates

The process is simple! In every major town of Bannerlord, there is a tavern where you can play board games, hire soldiers, and find companions. After entering the tavern, if you haven’t changed the control, press and hold the ALT key to see the names on any special characters. If there is a partner, you will see an inscription above like Gavyn the fish. Not all satellites have a nickname! But if so, we can draw conclusions about the presence of certain abilities. We will discuss this below.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

Once you’ve found a partner, you can talk to them and learn a bit more about the background before offering to join the team. Then you have to pay off the debt of a potential partner, which varies within 1000 dinars.

Use the encyclopedia to find a satellite

The terminology associated with Bannerlord’s Companions is a bit confusing, as the encyclopedia lists them as heroes. You can filter all heroes with the Wanderer option, so the encyclopedia will only show companions. On each page of this manual, satellite skills and their last location are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Unlike previous Mount & Blade games, the characters do not stand still and often move from colony to colony. Bannerlord’s first quest in history (at least the Early Access one) has to do with restructuring his clan. In this context, you must rent your first satellite.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

What are the roles in the clan?

After completing the quest related to Clan Restructuring, you will have access to Clan Roles, which you can assign to both your character and companions. Before assigning roles, wait a bit: if the roles are not assigned to anyone, the main character will perform his duties. This means that you will receive passive experience, developing certain skills. After assigning a character to a certain role, only he will receive experience. Likewise, your character will only gain experience for the role they are assigned to.

Consider all the roles in the clan:

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

• Scout. It uses reconnaissance skill, improving trail finding, detection distance, and expanding tracking information.
• Engineer. Use the ability of the same name, speeding up production of siege weapons and increasing the maximum complexity of available devices.
• Major (major). Use the Steward ability, which allows you to increase the size of the squad.
• Doctor. The skill of medicine. This character increases the chances of survival and the speed of recovery of your troops.

How to increase the membership limit

If you have a higher level clan, your partner limit is four people. The only way to increase it is to increase the level of the clan. Each clan update adds 1 additional companion space. Ultimately, you can get up to 8 satellites. If you need help improving your clan, use our neighbor guide.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

Window with satellite information.

Another way to increase the satellite’s engagement limit is to use the advantage of the (Leader / Leader) rule in the Steward skill branch. Requires level 250. As soon as you unlock this buff, you will get additional space for each of your cities (which you control).

Also, at the time of this writing there was a bug in Bannerlord that allowed me to hire another satellite over the limit. The Family Feud mission requires you to hire a family member and escort them to a nearby town. If the search fails while there is a family member on the team, it simply will not be deleted. This error will likely be corrected soon.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

What are satellites used for?

As you progress in the game, you can use satellites for different purposes, getting certain benefits. At first, they are just strong soldiers who cannot die (if you have not enabled this option in the campaign settings). After a while, they can be used for the following tasks:

– The leader of a commercial caravan which ensures a daily passive income.
– Complete various missions.
– Improved relations with towns and villages.
– The leader of his own combat unit, who can also bring daily benefits.
– Governor / ruler of a castle or town.

Satellites are a good replacement for the vassals that will be needed when creating your own kingdom. They move across the kingdom, they fight with enemy bandits and lords in the same way as ordinary vassals.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

How to change a partner’s armor and weapons

The first step to completing the satellite customization is to change its weapons and armor. This is similar to how you modify the protagonist’s team. In other words, you have to open the inventory by pressing the I key. After that, you can click on any « arrow » next to the name of the main character at the top, middle of the screen, which you will allow switching to satellites.

The inventory menu on the right will present the same image as for the main character. However, don’t forget that you can switch between military and civilian equipment (just below your name). The Viking Helmet activates the Combat Gear tab and the Feather Hat activates civilian attire.

Combat equipment. These are the clothes your hero wears in battle. It is only limited by the requirements of specific equipment.

Civilian clothes. The clothes your character wears as you move around the city, tavern, fortress, etc. In the future, you will be able to open perks to hide weapons.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

How to update a partner’s skills and options

The level of many partners you can hire in your team will be higher than the main character. Especially at the start of the history campaign. This means that your next raise will take longer. However, you can improve the skills and benefits of companions by analogy with the main character.

Open the character window by pressing the C key (default). Here you will see the skills of the protagonist. Then go to the next satellite by clicking on one of the “arrows” at the top center of the screen (as you did when changing teams). The arrows are next to your name. Click on it to see each satellite previously subscribed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your unit or not.

If a companion level has been increased, you receive free skill points and performance points, which you can spend through the menu above. After you have dealt all the points, click on the green « Finish » button at the bottom of the screen. If something doesn’t suit you, you can always undo the action (the Undo button is red). If you selected « Automatic distribution of benefits to clan members » at the start of the campaign, satellite benefits will be selected automatically. But don’t confuse perks with attributes and abilities!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

This is the process of leasing a satellite.

Choose a role for a partner

There are four unique Clan Roles that you can assign to your mates or your own character. We explain the importance of each role above, but will discuss how to distribute them below. There are two easy ways.

Clan menu:

1. Access the clan menu by pressing the L key (default).
2. Click on the partner’s name on the left side of the screen.
3. Click None or the name of the role already assigned to the satellite.
4. Assign one of the four roles of the satellite: explorer, engineer, quartermaster, medic.
5. Click the green Finish button at the bottom of the screen.

Direct conversation with a partner:

1. Press the P key (default) to open the device menu.
2. Click on the partner’s name in the “Troops” menu on the right side of the screen.
3. Click on the “yellow conversation cloud” in the drop-down menu under the satellite name.
4. Ask the interlocutor about their current position in the clan and ask them to take on a specific role.

Each role will be displayed as a dialog option. Additionally, it will show if anyone has been appointed to this position.

How to find the best companions

Before you find the best satellites for a specific role, you need to know how to find them correctly. You can view the list of satellites through an encyclopedia. Open it with the N key and select the filter by the Wanderer tag. An alternative is to travel through the taverns in each city. It should be noted that the encyclopedia, although updated, does not occur in real time (with some delay). Therefore, the location of the satellite shown in the encyclopedia may differ from the real one.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

Once the Bannerlord campaign begins, you can open the encyclopedia and find characters with specific nicknames. They correspond to certain capacities. Therefore, you can find a partner who has the skills that best suit you. Each character has a first and last name, which affects the type of ability.

How satellite names and capacities relate

All of Bannerlord’s companions have a specific nickname or last name, for example, Siona the Healed or Elyaksha the Shieldmaiden (there is no Russian localization yet, so I will list names and nicknames in English). Here are some examples of nicknames and related skills:

– Healer – medicine 60.
– Gold – tactical 100.
– Prince – fraud 140.
– Smith – Forge 60.
– Frozen beard – Intelligence 80.

Best team leaders

Once you have brought the clan to the second level and can create a team for your partner, it is important to make sure that you choose the right partner for the role of leader of the new group. In the list below, you will see different nicknames corresponding to this task:

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

– Falcon – tactic 100.
– Prince – fraud 140.
– Surgeon – medicine 80.
– Engineer – Engineering 80.
– Swift – Office 80 (union representative).
– Swordsman: excellent weapon skills.
– Shieldmaiden: excellent weapon skills.

The best companions for caravans.

If you want to make money and earn daily passive income, now is the time to think about starting your own shopping caravan. If you already have money for your training, be sure to choose the best companion for the caravan leader role. Obviously, in order to increase profits, you need to focus on trading skills, as these will reduce trading fines (the difference between the selling and buying prices of your resources).

– Swift – commerce 80, Steward 80, fraude 100.
– Spicevendor – Trade 100, Steward 80.

Best companions for the ruler position

For starters, the partner you want to nominate for the position of city leader must be from the same culture as the city itself. Thanks to this, you will receive a +1 loyalty bonus and eliminate the negative effects of loyalty due to cultural inconsistency.

In addition, you need perks to improve the role of city leader. They have different capacities:

– Butler – Tax collector (level 25), Assessor (level 225), Agrarian (level 250), Reconstruction (level 275).

– Medicine – Virgin Streets (level 150), Doctor Bush (level 150), Town Doctor (level 200), Clean Infrastructure (level 200).

– Engineering: skilled builder (level 25), advanced mason (level 100), builder (level 250), everyday engineer (level 275).

– Trade – Common products (level 100), toll barriers (level 100), village communications (level 150), content trade (level 150), barn counter (level 200), yard foreman (level 200).

– Leadership: Rigid Upper Lip (Level 75), Recognition (Level 75), Exercise Instructor (Level 150), Civilian Militia (Level 150), Lecturer (Level 200), Inspirational Warrior (Level 200).

And here are some of the more suitable companions (it is clear that his level has not increased yet):

– Swift – Steward 80, Trade 80, Fraud 100.

– Spicevendor – Steward 80, Trade 100.

– Sora is a noblewoman with 160 level butler skills. Therefore, many players prefer to marry her. She is excellent for the role of governor and mayor.

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