As well as being able to find a woman in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, you can even have a child of your own. In this case, all family members can be your partners (to be part of the current team). Children born will grow up gradually, after which one of them can replace your main character in the game. We remind you that the game is still in the open beta test phase (Steam Early Access), so changes may occur. The whole system as a whole is likely to develop. So we tell you how to start a family and children.

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How to get married

Let’s start with the obvious: to have a child in Bannerlord, you must first get married or get married (depending on the gender of your character). There are no single mothers in Calradia! However, after killing several thousand thieves and enemy soldiers, there are probably some. But it’s not that! If you don’t have a soul mate, go find him in any castle and use the encyclopedia to figure out which NPCs are not married yet.

Going forward, you should speak to the desired candidate. Save up front and take the test. When you have successfully completed it, you can “redeem” your guardian’s wife. The latter is the lord to whose culture he belongs.

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Family at Bannerlord.

How to have children

After your marriage, you need to spend time with your wife. It can take 1 to 2 weeks in the game. It is not clear exactly what you need to do for this: I mean it is not entirely clear if there is a certain trigger in the game that triggers this process. But in general, time should pass.

If your wife (or husband) has good fighting skills, go up to her and speak. An option will appear allowing you to include the character in the team. After joining the band, keep playing and a pregnancy notice should appear in a week or two. But if the other half isn’t a fighter, then in that case you can hang out with them in town.

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The screen should display a bright pink and purple notification like “Wife_Name is pregnant”. After a few seasons you will receive another notification that you have a baby. After that, the child will begin to grow, to become a young man, and then an adult. You can fight or do other common things (like lords and nobles).

If you’ve turned on permanent dead mode, your child can be an heir. Now, if your character dies, you won’t see the Game Over screen. Instead, start managing your child. There is a political “feudal inheritance” option, which makes it difficult for the king to refuse to transfer his heir’s property. Therefore, it is important to use it, especially if Instant Death Mode is enabled: this way you will protect yourself from a complete loss of progress.

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