Of course, the main element of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is the battles, but the game is loaded with many other equally great features. Among other things, you can even become the ruler of your kingdom, which means that you will manage all the conquered settlements. Capturing the colony itself is no easy task, but ensuring its proper control and development is almost easier.

Colonies are divided into several types. You can take control of towns and castles. The towns around them contribute to the general well-being and prosperity of the town / castle, but are vulnerable to incursions from enemy lords or bandits. Cities are slightly better than castles in that their management system is more flexible and broad. On the other hand, castles are much easier to protect during sieges.

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Join an existing faction and get a free deal

The easiest way to get your own town / castle is to join one of the previously created realms and become their mercenary. Later, when you level up in the clan, you can again talk to the faction lord and swear allegiance to him, thus becoming a vassal. In the end, this loyalty will be rewarded, because the chef will give you the key to the castle or the city. There is only one downside: everything will take a long time.

The capture of the colony by a siege.

The second option is to attack the nearest town on your own or with other members of your faction. For the latter, it is important that your faction fight with the owner of the colony. To provoke another kingdom to war, storm their villages.

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You have to besiege the deal you want to receive. Take the time to prepare for the siege, but remember that in doing so you could be attacked by the local lord’s garrison or army. Potentially an army of hundreds of soldiers can oppose you, so gather as many forces as possible before the attack.

Agreement information.

Settlement management

As soon as you become the ruler of a town / castle, try to invest some gold in its further development. You can create new buildings or update existing buildings.

Since there has been a siege, your new citizens will starve. Admittedly, the food supply is almost exhausted. To stabilize the status of the agreement, perform a series of actions:

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“Put gold in the city’s reserves to speed up construction. “

– Upgrade the barn to level three.

– Select the “Irrigation” option as the default action (default per day: city residents will do this if they have no other business).

After that, focus on building a city or castle by selecting other projects. Each project has a maximum of 3 levels. You can choose several options, define a construction line, so that the city continues to develop, even if you are far from it.

I recommend increasing the local militia to better protect the city from enemy forces. By upgrading barracks and training grounds, you can maximize and train your troops. You can also invest in ovens, which will increase daily productivity.

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From time to time, return to your settlements to check the living standards of the citizens. The loyalty, food supply and strength of the militias show how happy they are with their government. If any of the parameters drops to the minimum level, a revolt may start against you. You can also send caravans from your cities.

How to protect your city from invaders

You can leave some of your troops in the city, and they will protect it from invading invaders. To leave the garrisons, you must visit the city fortress and select the appropriate option. And then you can name the troops that remain in the city to defend it.

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If you are not far from your colony and have been attacked, you will have a chance to get close to the enemy, convince them to stop or attack and win. It will be necessary to increase their social parameters, including charisma and leadership.


Source: The Verge