Across, launches a new lead generation and qualification service for the automotive sector with a particular focus on long term rental. The new project takes shape with the website, which acts as an intermediary dedicated to the long-term rental of cars. was created to satisfy the need to effectively combine supply and demand. Through this site Across will be able to provide rental companies not only with constant volumes of leads interested in the offers, but also already qualified contacts ready for commercial negotiation.

Long-term rental increases thanks to Moventia leads

Leads are also generated through an integrated and multi-channel advertising strategy. The qualification of the same leads takes place through telephone calls quickly through the Across Contact Center. Indeed, the latter recall leads when interest is still hot, proceeding to a more profiling qualification with questions aimed at completing the user’s profile, making it ideal for the final negotiation. The profiling parameters may vary based on customer needs.

The affiliated rental companies therefore obtain lists of prospects in line with the requests and strongly interested in closing the contract.

According to Across, the long-term rental companies that join the project can achieve the following results thanks to a qualified lead generation activity:
• + 66% of time saved by the commercial department of the rental companies in the search for prospects and in the effective negotiation;
• +4% sales on qualified leads;
• Greater satisfaction of the commercial department of the rental companies, which in fact interact only with interested prospects;
• Reduction of the “cost per contact”, with maximum efficiency in the time spent on negotiation;
• Optimization of profiling based on the offer, thanks to operators trained on specific needs.

“The added value of this activity comes from the quality of the leads we generate for our customers, the conversion times reduced to a minimum, the constant flow of leads and the fact that the customer is followed up from the beginning to the end of the conversion funnel – commented Sergio Brizzo, CEO of Across – We are investing heavily in the project as an intermediary for the sale of long-term rental contracts, and we are sure that also thanks to this implementation we will bring high-level results to all automotive companies interested in expanding their customer base with leads qualified and in target with their expectations.”

The company’s project stems from the analysis of data from the automotive sector in Italy, which – according to Across – is among those that could most benefit from end-to-end digital solutions, in a period like the current one which has seen it heavily penalized .