MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it.

We all know that one of the main problems with laptops is usually cooling. Rather, the little cooling that they are able to receive from the corresponding openings in the chassis. But what happens when you spend more than 2,300 euros on the MSI GS65 gaming laptop, and after a short time it starts making a horrible noise? Especially when the name of that laptop is nicknamed “Stealth”. And if later the brand decides to ignore the problem?

We cannot say that MSI is a new company in the gaming laptop segment, not at all. They have been involved in this segment for many years now, and their current catalog is quite extensive. Therefore, it is clear that we are not talking about a new company in the market. Which has an even worse justification than designing a product that is defective from the beginning, because either it is a design error in how the fans are anchored to the chassis, or it is a control failure. of their quality. Neither of these two things speak precisely well of a company that is supposed to be of the first order.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

Perhaps what bothers us the most is that the MSI GS65 is not a particularly cheap laptop. Nothing of that. It is a model that can easily cost 2,300 euros or more (depending on the amount of RAM that this version has). Therefore, there is no doubt that users who have bought one of these models only to find that after a few days of being in their possession it makes an infernal noise, as can be seen in the following YouTube video, they are not going to be very happy with it. your purchase.

This is not the only video that we can find on YouTube demonstrating this problem with the fans. A little search allows us to find, among a multitude of reviews, other videos with this same problem, videos uploaded between 8 and 4 months ago.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

There are several users who have complained about problems in the fans of the MSI laptop

As we have already said, the supposed problem of the fans of the MSI laptop does not seem to be an isolated case, since there are several affected users who are echoing this problem on the network, although we cannot affirm that it affects 100% of the users either. laptops from this manufacturer.

On the official MSI forums we came across one of the users who might be affected by this issue with the fans. This user wrote asking for help with the noise his laptop fans were making, and the only response he got from the brand was that they could send him a new fan, but he would have to open the laptop to replace the faulty fan. The most curious thing is that doing something like this would automatically invalidate the laptop’s warranty, although MSI has insisted several times that removing the warranty sticker from its laptops does not invalidate it.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

In any case, what other technical service has been seen that asks the users themselves to repair the laptop to the user himself when it is under warranty?

This is not the only user of MSI’s own forums that has echoed this problem. Another user talks about problems with fans making a lot of noise. On this occasion, MSI did not even respond.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

Another thread on MSI’s own forum from another user with fan issues. While this user is considering the possibility of requesting a laptop change, even canceling the purchase, a second user with the rank of “staff” recommends opening it to see if he can solve it before taking it to the technical service.

We can also find other users supposedly affected by the same problem with these laptops. We can see examples in portals like Reddit, where more than one user claims to be affected by the problem (and others also indicate that they don’t notice anything unusual) and even in the LinusTechTips forums, where they complain that the fans of this laptop might not be working as it should, increasing its revolutions from 0 to 1500 automatically, without making use of the PWM that they should have.

There are also more threads on Reddit where they talk about it, such as GS65 CPU Fan Noise and GS65 fan noise – is this normal?, among others that we can find by doing a simple Google search. In the Techguy forum, another well-known hardware portal, we can see the same thing, another user complaining about the sound problems with the fans of this laptop.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

Another example of this same problem can be found in Tom’s Guide Forum, another prestigious English-speaking hardware portal, where after checking if something was touching the fan, other users recommend changing it, since that noise seems to be a symptom of fan death as such. This other thread in the same hardware forum refers to the same problem.

And these are just some of the websites where we can find references to problems related to the fans of the MSI GS65 laptop. In the MSI Gaming Reddit we can see how some users also complain about a lot of noise with the GPU fan. In some stores, such as Best Buy, some users, in addition to making it clear that it is a very powerful laptop with state-of-the-art hardware (we have never said otherwise, it would be lying) also talk about this problem with the fans. .

No company that wants to call itself serious would allow a user to be in charge of fixing their own equipment. If we decide to spend an already considerable amount of money, such as 2,300 euros, for a gaming laptop we want something that works perfectly and, in addition, a good technical service, which is why we are paying that amount.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

The best alternatives to the MSI GS65 without ventilation problems and with better support

From what we have seen, it is clear that MSI might not be a company with the best possible quality controls. As if that were not enough, the problems with these fans are compounded by the recent fake MSI products that have appeared in different markets, as well as the new MSI Radeon RX 580 that are actually skinned versions of the RX 570. We can also find other issues with MSI’s graphics cards, issues that the RMA seems to have ignored. With all this, from SamaGame we can only advise against the purchase of MSI laptops at least for now.

If we look back, we can see how MSI has been one of the manufacturers with the highest RMA rate for defective motherboards as demonstrated by the portal. 2 out of 100 MSI motherboards were faulty and ended up back to RMA for repair. Things have changed and such high rates of problems have not been detected recently, although it could be that, in order to reinforce the quality control of these, they have been trusted by reducing the controls of other components.

Now, what better alternatives are there for these laptops? Especially from more solid companies that actually behave like one. Well, it turns out that there are several of them, from companies that are really serious about the business of gaming laptops.

Gigabyte Aero 15-X9

This ultrabook uses an Intel Core i7-8750H processor and a Full HD screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The screen, apart from that, has very thin frames and the keyboard has RGB lighting on its keys. As for the graphics card, it is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 MaxQ model, which will allow us to get the most out of the 144 Hz refresh rate that we mentioned before.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

HP Omen 15

We already had the opportunity to review this laptop last year, leaving us very impressed by the excellent performance it had in games and in day-to-day tasks. It may have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card inside, but at least it belongs to a serious company where they exist. And it is much cheaper.

Lenovo Legion Y920

Another laptop belonging to one of the leading brands in the gaming laptop segment. This Lenovo model also has RGB lighting on its keyboard. Its processor is, as usual with gaming laptops, an Intel Core i7-8750H, while its graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. What’s more, the Legion Y920 model even has a mechanical keyboard.

Come on, it seems clear to us that there are many better alternatives than those proposed by MSI. They are not perfect, since like everything, especially when we talk about hardware, it can cause some problem, although at least they seem like more serious companies that would not ask their users to change the defective components themselves, when it would be safer is that they either do not have the knowledge to do so, or they could invalidate the guarantee.

MSI GS65: serious problems in the fans of this laptop of more than 2,300 euros and MSI ignores it

These types of things are what make users end up distrusting the brand. And looking for better alternatives.