There are still 14 days left until the end of the year, but a server is already offering you what seemed to me the worst of this year 2007, among the 167 films that I have seen to date of those released in our country. Unlike previous years, this time I have limited myself to drawing up a top ten in descending order. Without further ado, the truños of the year pointing out pathetic sequences. (Careful, SPOILERS):

  • 10.- ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’. What should be an entertaining product trying to make fun of action movies has turned out to be a nonsense of disproportionate proportions. Seeing Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti in on this is truly embarrassing. Sequence: the collision of the protagonist’s car head-on with a van full of armed guys, and its subsequent outcome.

  • 9.- ‘The Golden Compass’. The New Line was betting heavily on the start of a new trilogy to try to repeat the success of the ring. An impressive joke with a well-known cast that shines for its “interpretive absence”. Sequence: a brutal fight between two bears; so that children leave the cinema traumatized and years later become potential murderers.

  • 8.- ‘The Forsaken’. With this film, Spanish cinema should have carved a niche for itself on the international scene, and they probably laughed at us. Neither terror nor anything. Sequence: the scare inside the closet, which seems more like a comic moment.

  • 7.- ‘Voices in the Night’. One of those movies in which Robin Williams becomes a serious actor (and be careful, when he doesn’t do comedy is when he is better, although this is not the case) and goes too serious. Totally indefinable, in the worst sense of the term, one never quite understands why or what they have made this film for. Sequence: the sudden ending, which we know ends because the credits go up, if not…

  • 6.- ‘City of Silence’. Based on dramatic true events, which is taken at face value. Despicable in all aspects, and if you have to put up with Jennifer López and Antonio Banderas, in case some find it little, they also put Juan Diego Botto and Juanes (with the black shirt from the nose included). Sequence: the monitoring of bus drivers, and their subsequent recognition in some photos.

  • 5.- ‘Chaotic Anne’. With a speech older than Methuselah, Julio Médem disappoints as he never had (if this guy didn’t have a bad movie, read on). An exercise in onanism of the many that have been released this year (it seems that some directors agreed). Sequence: the final .

  • 4.- ‘The Last Legion’. It makes you laugh at how bad it is, a feeling that in my opinion no movie should produce, unless it’s a parody. Things are taken very seriously here, except for the viewer, who suffers beautifully. What the hell is Ben Kingsley doing in here? Sequence: Kingsley’s character hanging by the hands calling our young protagonist, and he asking if it’s him when he is in front of him.

  • 3.- ‘Takeshis´’. Another exercise in onanism, this time by a director who is capable of the best and the worst. This time he has made a film for himself and with which only he should have a good time. Sequence: any, from the beginning to the end, according to the taste of the consumer.

  • 2.- Last Days. And more onanism (I should have titled the post differently). Now Gus Van Sant, not content with destroying our eyes more than once, takes the last days of Kurt Cobain’s life as a reference and plants us a very careful tostón, with which it is almost better to shoot himself (pun intended). ). Sequence: anyone with endless shots of utter nothingness.

  • 1.- ‘Inland Empire’. The trick of the year, onanism made into a movie. David Lynch, capable of absolutely fascinating masterpieces, goes and marks this useless exercise, convinced that his legion of fans will follow him wherever he goes. Sad to see Laura Dern get caught up in this thing. Sequence: gfhfjrydetd and uhngghyt iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now, if you want, ladies and gentlemen, you can contribute your grain of sand with what you think are the worst films released this year. I, as always, retire to my rooms, and in two weeks (exactly on the 31st) I will offer you what I thought was the best of the year.