myFTP 2.2.

Myftp, an application that will allow you to transfer files between your iPhone/iPod Touch and your computer or a server on the Internet. Myftp is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, which also offers you all the features of a desktop client.

Basically, this application allows you to edit a file on your website, upload new photos or share documents when you do not have a computer with an Internet connection. You can also use the included web server to access stored files and upload files.


myFTP 2.2
  • ftp:
  • Support for SSL/TSL over FTP (explicit or implicit mode).
  • The favorites system allows you to keep all your sites organized.
  • It includes a console to see the commands sent and received from the server.
  • Browse, upload and download from any FTP server.
  • List format support on UNIX and Windows Server.
  • The favorites system allows you to keep all your sites organized.
  • Support to list files with different encodings.
  • Text editor:
  • Supports over 30 different text encodings, including auto-detection encoding.
  • New line character management, auto detection includes: Windows or Linux/Mac/Unix.
  • √ Ability to edit text files from the server with the editor and re-upload your changes.
  • If the file does not have an associated type it can be opened as text.
  • queue transfer:
  • Upload and download multiple files from multiple servers.
  • Compatible with multiple transfers.
  • Supports multitasking: download will continue in the background (iOS 4.x).
  • Pause, cancel or resume broken downloads.
  • Show progress bar, remaining time and speed indicator.
  • Badge shows active downloads number indicator.
  • File Manager:
  • Open, Rename, Move, Delete, Create folder, Zip/Unzip, email files
  • Sort files by name, date, size and type, ascending/descending.
  • Save and get images or videos to photo library, also upload them directly to a server.
  • Support for mail app download attachments.
  • The app can save and open files with other apps.
  • Compression tools:
  • Unzip files, also password protected files.
  • Make new ZIP files with the stored files.
  • Unzip RAR files, including multi-part and password protected files.
  • Document viewer:
  • Word: doc, docx
  • Excel: xls, xlsx
  • Powerpoint: Ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx
  • numbers
  • pages
  • Text Documents: Rtf, Txt
  • PDF viewer:
  • PDF viewer with pagination and zoom.
  • Image Viewer.
  • Includes an image viewer.
  • Image editor with zoom and tools to crop, resize, and different rotations.
  • Audioplayer:
  • Play all files in a folder.
  • You can sort the list.
  • Shows the cover art included in the audio file, along with other information such as artist, title, genre, and album.
  • videoplayer
  • Play mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp.
  • Air Play
  • Share:
  • Share access to stored files from a web browser,
  • FTP server.
  • You can protect access with a password.
  • USB file sharing via iTunes
  • Email files as attachments
  • A pin code can be set to restrict access to the app.
  • Alert sound when the download is complete or not.

What’s new in version 2.2?

  • Added access to Dropbox, download and upload files to selection, also includes an image viewer directly from Dropbox.
  • Some iOS 5 fixes.
  • Some bug fixes.

myFTP 2.2