Many companies have tried to make the dream of an all-in-one wireless charger come true. Among them, Apple itself, which ended up abandoning the idea a year ago. Others took the baton and came up with different ideas. The last one to do this is Native Union with its Drop XL with Apple Watch stand. A sturdy and beautifully designed accessory that comes at an equal price.

Drop XL wireless charger: technical specifications

  • Accessory type: Multiple wireless charger with stand for Apple Watch.
  • Compatible devices: Standard Qi, Apple Watch.
  • Output load 1: 10W maximum (7.5W for iPhone 8 and above).
  • Charging output 2: 10W maximum (7.5W for iPhone 8 and above).
  • Port USB-A: 12 W maximum.
  • Chargeur Apple Watch: 5W maximum.
  • Charger weight: 275 grams.
  • Dimensions: 8,9 x 17,1 x 1 cm.
  • Materials: aluminum, polyester and silicone.
  • Price: 149.99 euros in Native Union.

Design and utility in a rugged wireless charger

Charger Drop XL 05Drop Xl Loader 05

We used Drop XL with adapter for Apple Watch for a few weeks. And we have to say that it was the combined wireless charger that left us with the best feeling of everything we tried (which are a few). While some had to leave devices in a very specific place, we have room for that.

The Apple Watch charger keeps it at an almost vertical angle. And it is in such a way that it does not fall or leave it tilted without being loaded. We tested with 40 and 44 mm models and the accusation continues without giving us any unpleasant surprises. In addition, this position prevents you from having to remove the strap from the sport buckle.

Drop XL Charger 04Drop Loader Xl 04 The Apple Watch holder can be removed to allow charging of two iPhones or for more comfortable transport.

What we haven’t seen in other models is that this support can be removed. It hides a USB-A port that connects to the base and provides 12W of charge, so in theory it could charge other USB-A devices. Being able to remove the charger from the watch allows you to store it more comfortably for travel.

Chargeur Drop XL 07Drop Xl Loader 07

Moving on to the Drop XL platform, we find two places to place compatible devices. Be the Qi standard, we can charge both iPhone or AirPods compatible case or AirPods Pro like any other smartphone. Both positions are charged the same, although one of them is in front of the Apple Watch charger, we can only place AirPods in it (unless we remove them).

Chargeur Drop XL 06Drop Xl 06

This platform is made of polyester fabric with a silicone “pattern”. This material offers more grip and prevents possible slips when you place a product on top. But what sets it apart the most from the Drop XL is its weight: with an aluminum chassis, in hand it feels sturdy and solid.

LEDLed It integrates two LEDs in each wireless charging coil, which barely stands out and does not glow in the dark.

Drop XL with Apple Watch stand offers design, functionality and confidence in a strong and sturdy accessory

The set is a wireless charger with a very attractive design. The black color reinforces this gravity which conveys confidence. Around the proposal braided cable Solid appearance, attached to a wall charger with adapters for three different types of plugs (perfect for those who travel a lot).

Consideration for its design, materials, utility and function comes at a high price. The Drop XL with adapter for Apple Watch costs 149 euros on its website. If you like elegant appearance combined with reliable functionWhatever the price, you will find a matching accessory here.

Source: Appleinsider