Naughty Dog presents new details of The Last of Us Part II in a State of Play.

Sony has taken a run and has returned to present new information from The Last of Us Part II. After several delays, the great leak of information and now the proximity of its launch, the company has decided to reveal details about the video game. We saw it recently in the recent Inside of Gameplay and shortly after they announced a State of Play exclusively dedicated to The Last of Us Part II (as it already happened with Ghost of Tsushima). And before you think about it: There is no information on PlayStation 5.

State of Play: The Last of Us Part 2

Today’s State of Play, May 27, 2020, has gone as promised Neil Druckmann in the statement announcing this event: And no, in this episode we will not talk about PS5, we will focus on the world of The Last of Us Part II. Although we saw some new touches on the gameplay in the Inside the Gameplay published a few days ago, this State of Play has left us a new barrage of news about threats and the game world, among other novelties.

The presentation began with the last trailer we saw for The Last of Us Part II. Neil Druckmann has been the one who has given voice to the presentation and has announced all the news. He began by lamenting the current situation in the world and the pain he feels that the game has been affected by the spoilers.

Naughty Dog presents new details of The Last of Us Part II in a State of Play

News presented during the State of Play:

  • Cinematic of what happened after the events of The Last of Us. Contextualization: Ellie is 19 years old and has found peace and stability in a world in chaos. Soon Ellie is attacked and embarks on a journey of revenge.
  • We will see varied biomes: From plains, through cities, to snowy landscapes. Even storms will surprise us. We will visit the city of Seattle.
  • Ellie can climb and use ropes to ascend, descend, and balance. Climbing will allow us to take a better position.
  • The maps are the largest ever created by Naughty Dog and we will have a horse and a boat to move. There will be an important site during the exploration experience.
  • Let’s talk about the enemies:
    • We know the militia called Lobos: Organized, equipped and very lethal. They use firearms and everything they find. They have dogs for reinforcement.
    • On the opposite side will be the Seraphites, an extreme religious sect. They use silent and very lethal weapons. They also have dogs for reinforcement.
    • The Infected are once again the deadliest enemies: Runners, clickers, wobblers … And new species that they have not wanted to reveal.
  • TLOU Part 2 will be focused on a more strategic combat and focused on stealth. We will have many tools to move, distract and develop strategies. We can use the tall grass and the new ability to lie down to go unnoticed. We can also break glass, for example, to flee and return to stealth. We can also make our enemies fight each other, something we already saw in Days Gone.
  • Ellie is smaller, but also more agile. He possesses combat skills that he has learned over the years. We can also take enemies to protect ourselves and make their companions doubt; or stealthily catch them and drag them to a safe place to kill them.
  • We will can find allies along the way that will help us against our enemies.

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Naughty Dog presents new details of The Last of Us Part II in a State of Play
  • As we already discussed, they have developed a character progression system: We will have a tree of skills that will be improved with items (magazines) that we find along the way.
  • We will can upgrade and customize weapons on the workbench, which now has a series of highly detailed animations.
  • Crafting will once again be key in the adventureThat is why it has been given more importance with a new menu, which offers more possibilities.

Finally, they share an extended gameplay not seen until now. We see different scenes of stealth and combat. Notably sound is key again and that Ellie’s animations are incredibly detailed. Another detail is that we will keep the blood on our hands for a while if we kill an enemy with the knife. We have not seen any weapon modeling from The Last of Us being recycled, they have new models.

The Last of Us Part II analyzes will be released on June 12

Naughty Dog presents new details of The Last of Us Part II in a State of Play

The Last of Us Part II will be released on June 19 exclusively for PlayStation 4.