Stadia Pro and Games With Gold services have confirmed which video games their subscribers will be able to download in October, something that has just been added Playstation plus after confirming the titles that will be enabled next month.

As has become customary, they will be a couple of PS4 games those that can be purchased and played, but another corresponding to the program has also been added to the list PlayStation Talents, so we go with the review of the new additions.

Free games for PS4

Need for Speed ​​is one of the most popular driving franchises and in this installment we will be part of a band that will be involved in street racing and with which we will try to take revenge on the criminal organization The House. This will leave us with races at full speed and challenges of all kinds.

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In this action RPG set in a gloomy 1918 London we will embody the Dr. Jonathan Reid, who has been transformed into a vampire. This will lead you to have to decide whether to help people survive while practicing their profession or feeding on their blood at the cost of their lives, which at the same time will considerably change the argument and the way citizens live.

This month’s PlayStation Talents title is a 3D platforming, puzzle and exploration adventure that will tell the story of two Syrian refugees and their journey to Europe, with a plot based on real events and experiences.

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Source : Gadgetsnow