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Before creation Abyss neon Chinese independent studio Games Veewo successfully engaged in games for mobile phones. Apparently the indie developers wanted something more, and after calling for support from Team17 (the same creator of the Vers series ), they released a rogue-lite style The Bond of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon … The novelty deserves attention or has it toned down in the context of its fellows? Let’s find out.

What do you need to know before descending into the Neon Abyss?

Tie Neon Abyss revealed in just a few lines: We’re hired by Hades (not at all like his namesake from Underworld ) because he needs guys like us to defeat the New Gods and end the Titan Corporation. It turns out that this organization is responsible for the deaths of those close to the protagonist, which means that it’s time to descend into the abyss and take revenge.

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The game’s setting is a fusion of ancient Greek mythology and modernity with all of its geek references and internet realities – the Darknet, e-sports headphones, pop idols and others like them. Well, the deities themselves are not just gods, but managers.

One of these managers is Zeus, no longer a thunder, but the god of electricity.

Gameplay Neon Abyss Is a sprightly shoot ’em up. We explore a randomly generated dungeon, moving from room to room. We kill all the enemies in the room – we move on. There are treasure rooms, secret rooms, and even rooms with mini-games. Not all of them are so easy to access: somewhere you have to use a grenade, somewhere to spend crystals, somewhere – coins and, of course, keys.

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At first, the abyss consists of five floors, but then, after killing the boss at the deepest level, their number increases. After defeating the main enemy, you will have to start the race over and over again to kill the old god-managers before seeing a new one. Plus, each floor has its own boss – until you defeat it, they won’t be allowed to descend.

To kill bosses, we are given gems which must be spent on the development of the abyss. IN Neon Abyss There is a whole tree of multi-level improvements in which you can buy new rules (for example, if you destroy stones soaked in paint you will receive a reward), add special items and whole coins to the game and unlock new characters.

It will take a long time to fully pump the Abyss, as the tree contains many cells, and choosing one branch does not preclude investing gems in others.

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Most of the Neon Abyss heroes don’t differ much from each other: in fact, they are just characters with “sewn” objects. Someone at the start has a key and a grenade, someone can carry two types of weapons and switch between them, and someone can do somersaults. My favorite is a girl with a katana: she can jump high, which means she sometimes gets into hard-to-reach places without the aid of items and consumables.

Why is Neon Abyss so cool?

All of the Neon Abyss beauty consists of random and random artifact items that fall during the pass and make all Neon Abyss races different. In some the character flies, in some leaves mines behind and explodes all around, in some he can triple jump, and in some environments (spiked floors and other traps) does not cause damage. And each time, it changes the experience of Neon Abyss and adds depth to the gameplay.

I just want to ask the game, “Where are your wings that I loved?” “Because in dozens of” wounds “I only found them twice.

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The actions of objects cannot be turned off, so you should choose them wisely – some combinations can only complicate the passage. The catch is also that the artifacts lying on the ground don’t have a signed property (but, of course, there is an element that allows you to read the description of the thing before picking it up, and even an entire character. with such skill), and in a good way particularly valuable (and especially unnecessary) gadgets should be memorized. Well, or go through the game tightening the guides.

Some items just provide additional containers for hearts or make the character faster. Some increase damage and rate of fire.

As for the weapons, there are also enough types. Usually, a character carries only one barrel with him, at least during a round, and may encounter several. And again, you have to choose. In terms of gun variety and cunning, this game is no inferior to Enter the Gungeon : one gun sprinkles the room with a hail of gunfire, the other shoots beams and requires more focused shooting. , and the third usually looks like notes. My favorite weapon is the key weapon. With him, you don’t need any keys at all, because he pulls them himself and can open a locked door or a safe. It’s a shame that in my 20 hours of Neon Abyss , I’ve only encountered this engineering miracle a few times.

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Almost every weapon model has an active ability that consumes purple crystals. For example, “Barsik” not only shoots fishbones, but for an additional charge, it lets you fly around the room like on a balloon.

I can’t help but mention Easter Eggs in everything we find in the Abyss. Pop culture references are there at every turn: here is a briefcase, the description of which suggests not to panic, here are upgrades for the weapons – the Stark mod and Wade’s tech with a recognizable W-shaped logo, here is Sichuan sauce which gives you a chance to shoot a fire bullet.

Well, since we are talking about “Easter eggs”, there are also eggs that are not Easter eggs for themselves – sooner or later the animals hatch from them. The process, however, can end in failure: the game even has an achievement for five empty eggs in a row (though, that’s pretty rare). There are also a lot of pets, and they have their own health points and abilities: someone attacks, throws explosives and protects the player, and someone is engaged in minor sabotage – for example, stealing hearts or shields under your nose. Companions can reward you with something useful in return, but that doesn’t happen often. Well, of course, you can not choose who will hatch from the egg: here everything is also decided by chance,

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Guess-like-who-like Grabber collects coins very quickly, but does so, alas, bypassing the player’s pocket. You can only get your gold back after your pet dies. Anticipate the question: no, our shots don’t damage them. Alas.

From the curious mechanic to Neon Abyss there is also a scale of faith which can be filled with wisdom or violence. Wisdom is given if you clean rooms without damage and use purple crystals to open special doors and chests, and violence is given if you shoot them and injure yourself. After completing the ladder, a special slot will open where you can pick up an artifact. Reminds the chambers of an angel and a devil from The Bond of Isaac – however, this is far from the only similarity.

The aggressive path offers more choices, but it requires the sacrifice of a heart container.

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Neon Abyss: Will you let me erase my homework?
The binding of Isaac: don’t write it down to avoid burning

If you know of any other shiny “bagels” already, you probably noticed in the description above that Neon Abyss doesn’t add anything new to the genre. Essentially, it’s the same as Isaac’s Binding but in profile. In the literal sense: we are looking at what is happening not from above, but from the side. We have the same consumables, the same types of parts, the same situations (for example, when you have to blow stones with a bomb, because there is a chest behind them).

As in Isaac, in Neon Abyss a large number of artifact items add variety to each race. For example, you may come across something that increases damage if you have a lot of crystals, and you will save them. Or a medallion can fall, working the opposite: the less crystals, the stronger the attack, and then you will play in a completely different way. Likewise, the rate of fire can be affected by parts (and you will think twice before buying in the store).

Each race has their own unique code, and if you liked the combination of abandoned items, this experience can always be repeated. True, in this situation you will not receive successes and gems to pump the abyss.

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In randomly generated dungeons the rooms will certainly start to repeat (as part of a race and even a floor), but that didn’t really bother me – it was still interesting exploring the Abyss. looking for new objects. But the variety of enemies disappointed. As you progress, new “mobs” appear, but they still aren’t enough, and they behave just as simply. Those who can move immediately rush towards the player. In this regard, the bosses are much more colorful: they have different attacks, and their behavior changes depending on the phases. Well they look awesome. To some, bosses may seem too easy, but, like to me,

In Neon Abyss, you can hit enemies without damaging your health. Hey, why doesn’t it work in all games? ..

The variety let us down in terms of musical accompaniment. The game’s soundtrack is muted, but not very rich, so I quickly started listening to something of myself in the background. Plus, the gameplay doesn’t require a lot of focus – as entire seasons of TV shows can be screwed up. However, we must pay homage to the composer: the music fits well into the gameplay and becomes dynamic when the battle begins. After the end of the battle, she returns at a more or less calm pace.

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Speaking of music! The hero will receive a reward for winning mini-games. Of course, you also need to invest some money – so an attempt to play this giant piano costs 15 coins.


Neon abyss woven by chance. You might just get lucky and get a powerful combination of items that destroy all living things near you. But luck can easily turn away from you in the next round, and you have to overcome it with a disgusting build. The whole point Neon abyss in the random house: it is everywhere – some passages and chests are even closed by one-armed bandits. After several unsuccessful attempts, the device crashes forever and there is no way to get the prize.

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If you’re drawn to such excitement and at the same time repelled by a dark aesthetic of Isaac’s Bond then Neon Abyss is the perfect candidate for a light rogue hobby. Well, with all due respect to the work of the developers, I will separately mark the price Neon Abyss : Still, 700 rubles with a penny is a bit expensive for a game like this. All the same Enter the Gungeon and Isaac’s Bond cost a lot less. Yes, you can fall into the abyss an endless number of times, but I would still recommend taking the game on a discount.

Pros: succulent visual style; addicting gameplay; thanks to the large number of weapons and items, each new race is different from the previous one.

Cons: AI is not smart; the game does not add anything new to the genre.

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