Neon Abyss: Yoshi-style eggs and synergies in a roguelike that gradually wins me over with its demo on Steam

A roguelike It has a lot of cattle at the start, so I like it thanks to the randomness of its rooms and the different passive or active improvements that we can unlock on each turn, which makes each game different. We can see it from above, like The Binding of Isaac, or action platforms, à la Rogue Legacy, the alternatives (and mixtures) do not stop happening.

Among those to come, the one I’m most looking forward to is ScourgeBringer, who was recently confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, joining PC and Xbox One, while several steps below would be the friendly Going Under. What I didn’t count at this point is that Neon Abyss will open a ditch based on persistence after seeing the potential of this Veewo Games work.

Apparently, he looks like a roguelike more …

In the summer of last year, it was when I saw the presentation of Neon Abyss, drawing my attention to its aesthetics for works of art, more than by the video game itself in action, despite a certain point of madness.

I was concerned that it would be a bit slow, mainly because it didn’t seem too frantic when it came to moving and that the only way to dodge the balls was to jump. And this, in an action platform with a few parts to bullet hell, it seems very complicated. This is what struck me the most at the start.

He didn’t stray from other similar cutting games, but it was far from the dizzying ScourgeBringer, where you can do real wrongdoing by dodging or performing aerial combos. In Neon Abyss, everything is quieter, even with the initial pistol, at a much slower rate. And we can already be lucky with the synergies that we unlock or that we have raw …

The design of the dungeons is quite clear compared to the detailed start bar, before jumping into the abyss with this neon. And on more than one occasion, we will collide without the objects necessary to break a wall (grenades), open the store door (crystals) or certain chests (keys), apart from not reaching certain platforms so as not to be able to fly. It’s a matter of luck.

… until Neon Abyss “touches your eggs”

Neon Abyss

Also, to be roguelike I found it easier than usual in standard mode (which comes standard), doing it until the end of the first region after loading the previous four bosses. However, the Steam demo is (logically) overloaded and there are a lot of things stuck, including the rest of the phases and all the passive improvements that are displayed from the initial bar.

Neon Abyss changes a lot in Challenge mode, with a 20-minute countdown to defeat the first region (which to top it off, it has additional bosses) and greater tenacity for all enemies. There, it becomes essential to be very careful with the shots on each dungeon, for example, not to “break” the capsules with crystals, because they would take half a point of life to touch them.

The luck factor takes on a new meaning, because everything will depend on the synergies that modify the behavior of the character and his shots, with some that make them multiply and be a treat for balls everywhere. Without a doubt the point of differentiation is the eggs providing more color.

As if it were Yoshi Island, if an egg comes out, it will follow us a few meters suspended in the air, until it is time to hatch and reveal (or not) the surprise . Here there will be endless creatures, each with its own characteristics, such as collecting coins and giving us gifts, or “biting” enemies. And we’re talking about carrying a dozen eggs at a time if we’re playing a good game … Plus, there will even be some weapons that will drop eggs if we drop 25 pieces. Imagine the combinations that can come out of it.

To make matters worse, there will be various mini-games to ease tensions between each region, which can be an interesting alternative for fans of the genre. And it’s not long, look: the July 14 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One.

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