Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon.

Netflix seems so happy with the upcoming The Witcher series that they may already be renewing it for several seasons now. Read all about it in this extra Christmas-esque Night Watch!

Jahaha, happy Boxing Day dear PU visitors! If you haven’t eaten and drank enough on Christmas Day, you will get a second chance today. Are your stomach and liver ready? Doesn’t matter, just go! But before you start, read the new Night Watch of course …

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

We still know little about the upcoming Netflix series around The Witcher, although we do know that, for example, Henry Cavill will play Geralt of Rivia. According to media insider and Geeks WorldWide editor-in-chief Casey Walsh, Netflix has been very happy with the series so far and the company would consider renewing the series for several seasons soon!

Walsh has a good reputation when it comes to DC news. And let Henry Cavill have crawled into the role of Superman a number of times. So Walsh might know what he’s talking about. Now we have to wait for the first season, which will come in any case; sometime in 2019.

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

Rumor: Microsoft is developing 4K webcams for Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft would be working on 4K webcams for Windows 10. At least one of those webcam would work on Xbox One too. reports that.

It would be several models that integrate Windows Hello functionalities. As a result, you could, for example – let’s name it – log into Xbox One by showing your face to the webcam. Comparable to Kinect, but we all know that that technology is nowhere to be found. Microsoft stopped producing Kinect in 2017.

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

The 4K resolution is of course intended to display everything razor-sharp. It is still speculation, Microsoft itself has not announced anything yet.

Gozer wants to propose to girlfriend with item from Stardew Valley

A bit lighter – after all, on Boxing Day there is very little hard news on the internet. A Reddit user named KevlarGorilla not only bought a beautiful diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend, he also recreated a replica of The Mermaid’s Pendant, an item from Stardew Valley.

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

After all, his girlfriend is a big fan of the game that lets you experience farm life. According to him, he had to go to great lengths to make this replica as perfect as possible. He found a shell on the coast of Ireland and then worked it completely.

The Mermaid’s Pendant is an item that you can buy in Stardew Valley when you get ten hearts from a fellow villager – that means that they are completely spoiled for choice and you can marry them. Nice idea!

Cliff Bleszinski is going to do something completely different

Oh, Cliffy B. What good times we had with you, especially thanks to Gears of War. However, his most recent studio, Boss Key Productions, did not fare so well. LawBreakers was quite a setback and the quickly put together battle royale game Radical Heights was not very successful. The studio therefore closed its doors.

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

Bleszinski now makes it clear in a tweet that he may soon have completely different work. ‘Wish me luck. This could be a dream job I’ve wanted since I was a kid. ‘ Last month he already announced that he never wants to make a game again, and in this new tweet he also makes it clear that it is not a game project.

What it is then? In a tweet he lists some hobbies: “Movies, television, comics, Broadway, American HandEgg, karaoke, uh, sleep.” Well, that doesn’t make us any wiser …

Steins; Gate collection may be coming to Switch

Good news for the manga / series / game series Steins; Gate: There appears to be a collection in the works for the Switch called Steins; Gate: Divergencies Assort. Various Japanese retailers report this, although the collection has not yet been officially announced.

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon

The collection would contain three Steins; Gate games, namely: Steins; Gate 0, Steins; Gate: Darling of Loving Vows and Steins; Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. The collection would be in Japanese stores on March 20, 2019.

In 2019, the latest game in the series must also come to the west. Steins; Gate Elite already came out in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Switch this year.

The Guard’s favorite game Christmas music

The Guard ends this Night Watch with the music (and the accompanying gameplay) that most reminds him of Christmas: the soundtrack of Frosty Village from Diddy Kong Racing! Man man man, those were the days ….

And okay, while we’re busy with great, Christmas-like music from Rare, then the soundtrack of Freezeezy Peak from Banjo-Kazooie cannot be missed! Happy Boxing Day, dear PU visitors!

Netflix happy with The Witcher, may extend soon