Netflix is ​​testing a way to disable the “are you still watching …?” how much it bothers those who do marathons

Netflix has great features on its website and applications, but while many users may love them, many other users find them tremendously annoying. It is the case of the automatic play of trailers and previews, which has made more than one of us jump when opening the application or moving through the menus. The company was slow to allow this to be disabled, but finally granted it to its users in February of this year.

Regarding another front of which many users, which is the function for which the platform asks “Are you still seeing this title?”, a Netflix spokesperson has told The Verge that they are testing a feature so that the question does not come up again.

A useful question for many users

While is true that Netflix question may annoy when you are doing a marathon, the reality is that there are many people, including me, who with the function of watching the next chapter automatically have seen entire series without seeing them, having fallen asleep on the sofa during the night.

Thus, I am grateful that after two episodes Netflix asks me if I am watching it. After all, the confirmation is not something so tortuous, but a simple click on the button on the remote. I understand, yes, that for those people who never use the function due to their viewing circumstances, the priority is to disable it.


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What Netflix is ​​testing involves continuing to ask, but with the possible answer from “play without asking me again”. In this way, we can marathon all we want without being interrupted. What is not clear, in addition to the possible release date, is if that “do not ask again” would only affect the series we are watching, or if on the contrary it is permanently applicable in every way. We will have to wait to see it, but everything comes.