Netflix makes a free ZX Spectrum game.

Netflix publishes Bandersnatch ZX Spectrum game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Mii Fighter costume DLC and Devil May Cry 5 Live Action Cutscenes revealed. This and more in the WKNDW8 of December 30, 2018!

It’s a slow news day! The year is almost over and many studios have closed their doors for the holidays for a while. Nevertheless, the Guard has listed a few news for you. Let’s a go!

Netflix makes a free ZX Spectrum game

Netflix makes Bandersnatch tie-in game for free

Have you seen / played Bandersnatch, Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror episode? After posting this WeekendWacht, De Wacht has given him a hand. To promote the experiment, Netflix has now released a tie-in game based on another Black Mirror episode – made for the ZX Spectrum. It can therefore only be played with an emulator! Download it here.

Super thick Breath of the Wild fan animation

Animators QianyaYin and Youyang Kong have been working on a really cool Breath of the Wild animation film for the past two months. Quite short with just over a minute, but the animation itself seems of professional quality. Enjoy:

Netflix makes a free ZX Spectrum game

Devil May Cry 5 Live Action Cutscene shared on Twitter

When Devil May Cry 5 was announced, it turned out that in the Deluxe Edition you could choose “Exclusive Live Action Cutscenes”. People wondered what exactly was meant by this, but the Devil May Cry Twitter account has let you know via a sneak peek what you can expect. It is unclear whether the “Live Action Cutscenes” were just made for fun, or whether they function as some sort of storyboards – to make clear to the animators exactly what a scene should look like. In any case, it means hilarious low-budget special effects and toy cars. Is that worth an upgrade to the Deluxe Edition?

(Check the tweet here, the Wait cannot embed him because then the rest of his Wait disappears from that point for some reason …)

Netflix makes a free ZX Spectrum game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting Mii Fighter costume DLC

Just like the previous installment, Smash Ultimate seems to be getting some DLC in the form of Mii costumes. According to Nintendo’s Support page, they will appear in the shop sometime in 2019. For example, in Smash 4 you could dress up as Inkling or King K. Rool. Like the WiiU and 3DS version, these outfits will cost 75 cents each. Perhaps an opportunity to make characters that just don’t make it to a complete fighter playable. Will we finally get Waluigi under control?

Valve publishes 2018 Top Sellers

At the end of the year we usually see countless “top” lists of best games, movies, music, et cetera. So Valve is joining in this year, posting a top 100 of the most cash-earning games on Steam in 2018. They are categorized into “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”, so we can’t exactly see who has earned the most, but at least it gives a good indication. The Guard is surprised about a few of the Platinum games: A lot of Free to Play (Warframe, CS: GO, Dota 2) and even GTA V still makes the top 12. Check the full list here and check here an overview of all lists, including Top Early Access and Top VR.

Netflix makes a free ZX Spectrum game

Jack Black passes 1 million

A few Waiters ago you could read that Jack Black started a YouTube channel with a focus on games. Not surprisingly, the subscriber count rose to over a million in less than a week, which Mr. Black celebrated with a “1 mil” video. It is still not entirely clear what exactly will be shown on the channel, because outside the announcement and the 1 mil update it is still completely empty. The Guard is curious – the counter is already at 1.8 …

That was him again for this WeekendWacht. Later!