From fantasy classics from the eighties to ultra-modern refoºormulations of classic superheroes, going through the now usual avalanche of series and movies, among which we highlight a chess epic in the fifties and the continuation of the acclaimed ‘The Curse of Hill House’. Netflix comes, like every month, loaded with news and this is what we recommend to face the fall.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘The curse of Bly Manor’

It was one of the great critical and audience successes of Netflix in recent years: ‘The Curse of Hill House’, despite adapting very freely the novel by Shirley Jackson, put its manager, Mike Flanagan, in the spotlight. is preparing new self-concluding series remotely based on haunted house classics for the platform. In this second installment, the choice was inevitable: the classic ‘Another Turn of the Screw’ by Henry James, with the return of a good part of the cast (in different roles, of course) from the haunted epic Hill House.

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‘The Queen’s Gambit’


If you are interested in chess, a lot of attention to this mix of thriller, drama and sports film that features Anya Taylor-Joy (‘The Witch’), and that narrates the life of a very young sports champion who, in addition, carries a devastating addiction to tranquilizers. Exquisite setting and castings on the verge of a nervous breakdown for a film that seems to want to give a twist to the typical biopics about the sports champions.

All Netflix series in October

  • ‘Good morning, Veronica’ (1/10)
  • ‘Carmen Sandiego’ S3 (1/10)
  • ‘The Worst Witch’ S4 (1/10)
  • ‘Oktoberfest – Blood and Beer’ (1/10)
  • ‘Emily in Paris’ (2/10)
  • ‘Towards the lake’ (7/10)
  • ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’ (9/10)
  • ‘Fast & Furious – Spies at full throttle’ S2 (9/10)
  • ‘Riverdale’ S3 (11/10)
  • ‘Stranger’ S2 (11/10)
  • ‘Kipo and the Age of Magical Beasts’ S3 (10/13)
  • ‘The Cabin with Bert Kreischer’ (10/13)
  • ‘Social Distance’ (10/15)
  • ‘A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting’ (10/15)
  • ‘Grand Army’ (10/16)
  • ‘Someone has to die’ (10/16)
  • ‘The Revolution’ (10/16)
  • ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ S2 (10/19)
  • ‘The alienist’ (10/22)
  • ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ (23/10)
  • ‘Move’ (23/10)
  • ‘Barbarians’ (23/10)
  • ‘Suburra’ S3 (30/10)
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Premiere movies on Netflix



It is not very common to come across ‘Gremlins’ on streaming platforms, so let’s take the opportunity to remember it even if the really ideal time to do so has not yet arrived (that is, Christmas). The history of stuffed animals with a strict protocol of care based on three rules that, of course, break and generate an atomic bomb eared Snow White fan is a classic of youth cinema of all time, and one of the reasons that, by itself, justify the nostalgia of the eighties. Review it for the fiftieth time.

‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’

spiderman universe

Now that Miles Morales is back in fashion thanks to the future ‘Spider-Man’ video game on PS5, the best movie of … Spider-Man? From Marvel? Perhaps the best superhero movie of the last decades? Of course, we can’t think of any that are above, but the best thing is that you plunge yourself into the overwhelming explosion of color and dynamism that this adventure in the arachnid multiverse proposes, and you rub your hands while you pray that the time until the arrival of the sequel.

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All Netflix movies in October

  • ‘Gremlins’ (01/10)
  • ‘Under the same roof’ (01/10)
  • ‘Constantine’ (01/10)
  • ‘I’m leaving’ (01/10)
  • ‘Jessabelle’ (01/10)
  • ‘Thank you’ (01/10)
  • ‘Cursed ties’ (02/10)
  • ‘I’ll order you there’ (02/10)
  • ‘A serious man’ (02/10)
  • ‘Tut Tut Cory Racing Cars – Halloween’ (02/10)
  • ‘Oloturé’ (02/10)
  • ‘The Hungover Games’ (02/10)
  • ‘Vampires against the Bronx’ (02/10)
  • ‘Eighth Grade’ (03/10)
  • ‘Centella The Heroine of Halloween’ (06/10)
  • ‘Hubie’s Halloween’ (07/10)
  • ‘Palermo Hollywood’ (08/10)
  • ‘Super Monsters – Monster Day’ (09/10)
  • ‘Rapper at 40’ (9/10)
  • ‘Ginny marries Sunny’ (09/10)
  • ‘The Octonauts and the great barrier reef’ (10/13)
  • ‘Advice from a kangaroo to hunt monsters’ (10/14)
  • ‘The Chicago 7 trial’ (10/16)
  • ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’ (17/10)
  • ‘Rebecca’ (10/21)
  • ‘Cadaver’ (10/22)
  • ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ (10/22)
  • ‘Beyond the moon’ (23/10)
  • ‘Holidate’ (10/28)
  • ‘Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight’ (10/28)
  • ‘Other people’s house’ (30/10)
  • ‘Mank’: No date
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New Documentaries and Comedy Specials on Netflix

‘Song Exploder’

Songex Ak Unit 00932r

Based on a popular podcast about how songs are created and how diverse artists cope with the work of composing new melodies, this series of documentaries has artists as diverse as Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, REM or Ty Dolla. Each one in their own style, will unravel the secrets of their songs, what makes them recognizable and what their compositional tricks are.

All documentaries and comedy specials coming in October

  • ‘Rest in peace, Dick Johnson’ (2/10)
  • ‘Song Exploder’ (2/10)
  • ‘David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet’ (4/10)
  • ‘McLaren: The Race of a Champion’ (7/10)
  • ‘BigFlo & Oli’ (8/10)
  • ‘The university for the deaf’ (9/10)
  • ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ (10/14)
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