Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Netflix’s bizarre and curious decision to offer free titles from its catalog. Now repeat this strategy by posting on YouTube a total of ten educational titles available without registration or payment for anyone who wants to see them.

Since they can help teachers and students, Netflix has released documentaries such as “Our Planet”, “Summary” or “Explained” on Google’s video platform. As we see, previously they had already allowed teachers to play some documentaries and educational videos in their classrooms, but now, with schools in half the world closed by COVID-19, it’s more complicated. So they decided to post them on YouTube.

“Explained” episodes on Netflix.

Each of the documentaries comes accompanied by a guide and other resources for teachers with which to discuss and comment on the titles with the students. They are available on the official Netflix website and can again be viewed by anyone.

List of free Netflix documentaries on YouTube

The list of educational videos found on YouTube includes particularly popular videos from the streaming platform such as “Our planet” on nature or “Abstract” on the world of design and art. Others focus on specific themes in each episode like those of “Explained” produced in collaboration with medium Vox. You can find all available documentaries in this YouTube list. They are:

  • “13th”: a documentary film that focuses on the Third Amendment to the Constitution of the United States regarding criminalization and slavery
  • “Summary”: The entire season 1 of the series analyzing in each episode a relevant artist in fields such as architecture, product design, automotive or photography.
  • Babies: Explore the lives of children in their early years, from birth until they are relatively independent. Specific episodes of the series are available.
  • ‘Chasing Coral’: a documentary film that sinks into the sea to analyze the bleaching of corals.
  • ‘Explained’: Short episodes in which we easily analyze and try to explain specific current issues and human history.
  • “Knock Down the House”: follow the political campaign of four women during the elections mi route Americans of 2018, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  • “Our Planet”: Created by the creators of the legendary “Planet Earth”, this eight-part series captures images of the entire world, its various ecosystems and the living beings that inhabit them.
  • “Period. End of sentence. ‘: A short film showing the struggle of a group of women in India to end the stigma surrounding menstruation.
  • “The White Helmets”: a short film that shows volunteer work in Syria and Turkey in early 2016 in the war zones of both countries.
  • ‘Zion’: A short film about the life of Zion Clark, a professional wrestler born without legs.

If there is one catch that can be found, it’s that are in englishbut they have Spanish subtitles and a dozen other languages. Most of them can be played in Spanish on Netflix.

Source: Engadget