Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018.

Netflix also has a lot of new quality content in October, such as CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2! And let’s not forget CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2! Then round off the month with the long-awaited CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2! And PeterKoelewijn talks about some other Viewing Tips.

The Haunting of Hill House – October 12

October is Halloween month and Netflix is ​​capitalizing on that with all kinds of spooky content. The Haunting of Hill House, for example, is a real horror series! Based on the classic 1959 book of the same name, expect 10 episodes of the Crane family scurrying around a Scooby Doo house and scaring the leplazarus. Including a bit of Dutch glory with Michiel Huisman as a member of the cast.

Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018

Apostle – October 12

Oh a horror movie about a crazy torture cult? * Yawn * Wake me up when an interesting director tackles it like… GARETH EVANS OF THE RAID ?! Okay, you’ve got my attention again.

It’s the early 1900s and Dan Stevens (known from the Legion series) travels to a remote island where a creepy cult is holding his sister hostage. There he is introduced to all kinds of surprisingly inventive torture devices. The film will be released on Netflix on October 12 and initial reviews describe a more religiously themed The Raid. Uh… translation: chances are you will like it!

Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018

Bodyguard – October 24

What if you have to be the bodyguard of a corrupt politician who stands for everything that disgusts you? It is a question that police officer David Budd (Richard Madden) must ask himself when he is assigned to the Secretary of the Interior, Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). The thriller hits Netflix this month and is considered one of the best BBC series ever. Obviously not the best BBC series, because nothing can match Bottom!

Chilling adventures of Sabrina – October 26

Do you remember that comic teen series with Sabrina the witch, her aunts and that sarcastic cat? No, that other sarcastic cat … that black one!

Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018

Anyway, Netflix will release a remake of the series in October that will really be a horror! It’s still about Sabrina, who is a half witch and celebrates her 16th birthday along with her witch aunts and a satanic goat. Aaah, I immediately get flashbacks to my own Sweet 16 party. Only my satanic goat gave me a moped!

Castlevania Season 2 – October 26

Scientists have discovered black holes in the universe that suck less hard than game films. The expectations for the Castlevania animated series were rock bottom. But damn it, it’s just darn good! Nicely animated, extremely violent and true to the story of Castlevania III. The only drawback: the season was very short and mainly functions as a prologue. In the second season, the war against Dracula is really about to begin! Vampire hunter Trevor Belmont, sorceress Sypha Belnades and sexy fan service cannon Alucard enter the cursed castle of the supreme vampire. There they cross the whips with all kinds of monsters and bats of Dracula. Fancy!

Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018

Finally, a guest tip from Marvin about the third season of Daredevil, which will also be released in October.

Marvin’s Tip: Daredevil Season 3

In a not too distant past, as an intern at the PU (and Filmfan) editorial office, I became very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​The Defenders. A collaboration between four badass superheroes, a la the Avengers cinema hits, but in the series form that I love so much. Years later, Netflix tries to present me the latest seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist every day, but to no avail. The little surprising stories don’t fascinate me enough, and it takes forever to get through a season. Too bad, because Daredevil gave the Netflix-Marvel franchise a good start.

No wonder I’m looking forward to the third season of the blind daredevil, though that’s largely due to the way the story seems to be progressing. Matt Murdock is physically and especially mentally up – just look at the ending of The Defenders – and so it’s time for a rebirth. Coincidentally, the story is loosely based on the Born Again comics (from 1986), in which the Kingpin is responsible for Daredevil’s decline, and that goes fast. The series seems to be even darker than it already was, and that is great, but it also arouses the fear that Daredevil in his old black suit is getting a bit too emo. Time to see what the new showrunner, Erik Oleson (Unforgettable and Arrow), knows how to knit from the story and the hopefully delicious action. 19 October!

Netflix Viewing Tips October 2018

What Castlevania you on Netflix in October?