Netflix will offer the option of audio only on Android

Content streaming has become commonplace in our consumption of cinema, series, music, podcasts and all kinds of similar formats, hence the companies behind each of them look for ways to advance and differentiate themselves. Netflix, for example, recently introduced shuffle for when we don’t know what to watch from its vast catalog. Now, prepare some very strange functionality.

According to the code of the beta version of the Android application, in an exploded view of the very common APK file to observe changes and anticipate future news, the possibility of playing content without seeing it, but hearing it, is prepared. As we told you, Netflix for Android is laying the foundations for continue listening to your series even when we deactivate the image playback.

Series like podcasts?

According to what they tell us from XDA Developers, the well-known developer forum for Android, the latest APK file of the Netflix app for Android has been dismantled. In this exploded view, a planted code has been found, one that anticipates the arrival of a new mode (or not, if it is finally discarded) of playback without picture but with sound.

The code refers to the fact that by deactivating the image of Netflix content we can save data but we can continue to listen to it thanks to the fact that the audio continues to be active. A kind of reproduction mode that convert Netflix series, movies and other shows into podcasts, something that does not seem to make much sense unless we are talking about streaming concerts or the like.

Save your data by turning off the video and listening to your favorite shows.
The video is off, but you can continue listening to your show while you are busy doing other things.

We do not know if, perhaps, this functionality is preparing the ground for Netflix to introduce, in fact, podcasts on its platform so that we can listen to them without an image as it is not necessary. Be that as it may, the Netflix Android app seems to be preparing the ground for this no-picture playback mode. ¿“Watch” series and movies with the mobile screen off? It gives the feeling that it will be possible, no matter how useful it is.

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