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Ragnarok, Valkyries, cute anime girls, Dark souls, “Bagel” – you have to admit, already from a combination of these words together, it becomes, well, at least interesting. Clearly understanding this, the authors Neverinth everything connected in one game. We understand what they have done.

What does he look like in Dark Souls?

A lot, but not all. First of all, the plot plays an even more background role here. They only give us a general introduction that the Scandinavian gods are dead, so, as a last hope for protection, the world tree Yggdrasil called the three most powerful women. If they manage and beat everyone, they will be granted the right to become Legendary Valkyries.

Well, then we are transferred to the testing room – this is our base, from where the girls go out to three different regions, which are gradually opening up. There we run along the flowery corridors that stretch in different directions to the exit, to meet the main patron of the region. After the victory, a new large location opens, where in the next passage you can immediately teleport from the test room.

Along the way, of course, we fight with enemies, periodically we find new cool equipment (mainly weapons and magic jewelry), as well as consumables (not only healing potions, but also daggers, bombs and others). In addition, there are mystical keys at the closed doors, where particularly strong things and modifiers / mutators are hidden. These add useful effects – shockwave or fire damage to all attacks or, for example, scattering barrels of gunpowder while dodging.

There are even modifiers that add an exact copy of the heroine, which repeats all of her moves.

Souls fall from enemies, more precisely, gasoline, which here is both the currency of purchase of equipment and the analogue of experience points. For this, we acquire special statues upgrades for the main characteristics of the character, including strength, dexterity, protection, luck and health. In addition, it is not only a banal increase in these parameters, but also passive bonuses – for example, regeneration, reduced stamina consumption when certain actions are performed, more efficient work of “healers” and so on.Neverinth game review

Pay no attention to the version number – it is considered “officially released”.

Are the girls cute? Can I see everyone?

Yes, the three young ladies Neverinth – more or less lively appearance and with multi-colored hair, although they are dressed much more modestly than usual in Japanese games or clipping under them. Dead gods, Ragnarok – there is no time for hentai and the fashion show. And it’s generally cold in Helheim… No, you can unlock and change new combinations, but I repeat, within the limits of decency.

All three should be conditionally assigned to different classes – we’ll call the redhead the chariot, the blue-eyed one the paladin, and the third, the liveliest, the swift killer.

But overall, they differ only in the weapons initially available and the techniques that can be implemented with this equipment. There are two methods: the shield and the sword of the paladins allow to block the blows, as well as to throw the shield at the enemies; with a katana, a quick slayer can use a strong attack, push back and at the same time put a bad mark on the enemy (repeated special tricks beat him more painfully than without a mark). Well, with a huge sword, Abby’s red-haired analog throws opponents into the air or hits the ground with a force leap, knocking down opponents.

Mostly, of course, I liked the quick killer. Here’s a trailer for her separately.

But this division is conditional. Indeed, at the base or at the level, any girl can change her weapon and take an apparently non-core one – and then she will carry out with him precisely the receptions which are “bound” to this blade. For example, a swift slayer, replacing a katana with a huge two-handed sword, will throw enemies and hit the ground.

And vice versa, the redhead will tastefully crush enemies with a special katana skill.

The only thing that remains with the girls even when switching weapons is the level that we have marked for this character, playing for him (the base characteristics increase on each machine) and the different styles of escape. Redhead just jumps, blue hair – rolls. A swift killer slips smoothly and almost instantly to the side, moving away from the attacks. This is why I chose it most often.

In addition to dodging, all girls have access to the usual and powerful weapon attacks, as well as their so-called EX counterparts. They are faster and more powerful, but in addition to stamina, they also consume life. More precisely, they borrow it. During these attacks, the health scale itself begins to empty, and then gradually returns to its previous settings. Therefore, it is important to calculate everything in such a way that when beating enemies, you yourself do not die. By the way, the escape has such an analogue EX.

How is it different from Dark Souls?

As you have probably already understood, Neverinth – it’s a bagel. This is the main difference with the games Fromsoftware. There are no bonfires where we survive, heal and resurrect opponents – our daughters only buy statues upgrades, that’s all. And after death, they lose both the essence supply and all equipment (only the accumulated levels remain), returning to base in order to start a new race from there. In other words, it is not necessary to run to the grave to find the lost essences.

After each pass, the game calculates what tests we passed – how much damage we caused, how many times we died, how many were killed, etc. If the test is successful, then as a reward the item will be unlocked forever, which will now be available in subsequent races. In general, everything conforms to the classics of the genre.

Neverinth game review

Identical objects are also found here.

And if it is “bagel”, it means that this matter is of special importance. During the new race, the layout of parts and enemies changes, but most importantly, the quantity, quality and location of equipment and consumables change.

In one race you can quickly find some very cool things and modifiers, in the other they will meet less often and with the wrong effects. I once found up to three mystical keys, but there were hardly any doors that they opened. Another time, everything happened exactly the opposite.

Neverinth game review

I was lucky – almost immediately I walked into a room with cool gear.

And they kill just as fast?

Although, of course, the player’s own skills, his ability to properly use weapons and dodge, know the “timings” and “patterns” of attacks, as pumped by statues, all of this is relevant. ‘a great importance. Especially in boss fights. I went through the first boss in many ways because I successfully encountered a modifier that scatters powder barrels during evasion. True, it is easy to suffer from such barrels.

But having understood, I defeated him with heroines without these bonuses. In general, in fights with bosses, which, of course, always have their own tactics, you need to look for vulnerabilities and escape in time. Otherwise, it will be like in this trailer.

In general, in terms of complexity, this is of course not Dark soulsbut don’t expect easy walks. Unless you come back, after pumping enough to the first location – enemies will die really quickly. But in the following opponents they become noticeably stronger, mini-bosses appear, which even a puffy girl is not always easy to deal with.

Okay, the tongue doesn’t dare call him a mini-boss.

In other words, in general Neverinth – the thing is more accessible and less dark, but it also regularly challenges the player.

Is there really… tetris?

Yes. This is another cool tip. Neverinth – Here you can and should fill special totem amulets with magic crystals. And this process is somewhat reminiscent of Tetris.

The crystals collected after treatment in the test room turn into figurines from the game Alexey Pazhitnov. And they must be correctly inserted into the slots of the totem pole, and it is desirable in color and so as to completely close the slot – the passive bonuses from them will be better. And if you want to delete a number, you have to delete it forever. Therefore, having crystals available under your eyes, it is best to plan in advance what, how and where.

Neverinth game review

As you progress, new options for totems and new locations for them open up.

To play or not to play?

Neverinth able to captivate. There’s an invigorating randomness, but player skill, like I said, is important. There are cute heroines, spectacular tricks, theirs for each weapon, a number of interesting mechanics and in their own unusual way like EX attacks and Tetris amulets. You can say something about management and un-agile heroines, but in general there are no critical issues with management.

In what Neverinth now missing its content. Only three conditional classes, three regions with bosses will not be enough. But on June 17, as the developers call it, an “official release” took place: the game rolled out of Early Access, but it’s obviously going to grow and expand. What we hope for.

Benefits: generally fun and challenging gameplay at the intersection of soulslay and bagel; many equipment and modifiers; have interesting ideas; beautiful image and design; good music.

Less: not enough content yet; all is not well with the controls.


Source : The Verge