The new motherboards ASUS Z270 hit the market at the same time as the newly released 7th generation of Intel desktop processors, and consists of different series with the The biggest ROG 9 leading the way in overclocking functions.

Overclocking of any user

PLEASE It is already a symbol for the world of gaming. Building on the release of Intel’s new multiplier unlocked processors, ASUS has unveiled its new range of Z270 motherboards now ready to take full advantage of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors.

One characteristic of these boards is that they are prepared for anyone to take advantage of the overclocking technique, up to 5 Ghz with the help of an option that comes from the factory in the UEFI profile. There are also numerous technologies to control CPU and GPU load, monitor element temperatures, and optimize cooling.

Plates come ready to use liquid nitrogen or helium (and to know if there are leaks, among other helps), but already at a non-consumer market level. The reference model is the Maximus IX, which has managed to reach 7383 Ghz with the most powerful Intel chip.

If we want to take overclocking to the extreme, we can also use these new motherboards increase the frequency of DDR4 memory modules up to 4133 MHz.

Customization based on colors and your own 3D pieces

One aspect that worries PC users, especially in gaming, is the appearance of their equipment. Aura Sync reaches the Z270 plates being able to synchronize the light of different elements and parts of the plate with music and other sections through 9 different effects. The user who is encouraged to customize the appearance has at his disposal ports ready to include 4-contact LED light strips.

But the most curious thing comes from the hand of 3D printing. If the user wants, they can order compatible parts or download the original CAD files that include the ROG font to modify the parts before printing them at home. With these pieces you can customize items such as brackets, screws, cable management or create brackets fan for M.2 slots.

new ASUS Z270 for Kaby Lake

In addition to better customization, the Z270 includes technical enhancements to take advantage of new Intel processors, such as up to two M.2 slots with 32 Gb / s PCIe bandwidth, reversible USB Type-A and Type-C ports, and compatibility with Intel Optane Memory. There are also models with the ASUS SLI HB Bridge (2-Way-M) card to double the bandwidth.

For now there are no official prices or confirmed launch dates for the main markets.

More information | ASUS.

new ASUS Z270 for Kaby Lake