‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’.

Have you just started developing a game, it is decided that another studio will take over. It will happen to you. However, in the case of Call of Duty (2020), that could be a relief for those creators. Read about it in the N8W8!

Good morning all! It’s Monday, not the most inspiring day of the week, but we are getting closer to E3! Today is May 20, the day Levi Strauss patented the jeans in 1873, but also the day Amelia Earheart embarked on the first non-stop solo flight by a female pilot across the Atlantic in 1932. Are you flying with your Guard to the game news?

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

Will the 2020 Call of Duty game be made by Treyarch?

According to Kotaku, the 2020 Call of Duty game will be made by Treyarch. It would be a Black Ops 5. If true, it is remarkable, because the expectation was that the game would come from Sledgehammer and Raven Software. They had also started the development of a game set during the Cold War, but they have now only become support studios for a game that is thus led by Treyarch. Do you want another ladle of drama on top? Raven and Sledgehammer don’t seem to work very well together. Well, in the meantime we will first wait for the new Call of Duty from Infinity Ward, which should be released this year (Modern Warfare 4?).

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

The Division 2’s first raid isn’t great for console players

The first raid of The Division 2 is in full swing and after a few days it appears that gamers on the console are having a harder time. There have been no people on the leaderboard who game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for days. Phew, maybe not that easy to control? The raid, Operation Dark Hours, seems to be really difficult and especially the final boss is a nuisance. PC players seem to have less trouble with it, many of them already succeed within half an hour. In the meantime, a number of console gamers have succeeded, but in a team with eight players.

This is John Wick as a NES game

JoyMasher’s Danilo Dias is quite a hero. He made a kind of concept for a John Wick game on NES. Of course it doesn’t really exist, because our John is a bit too young for that. However, it will soon get its own real game, namely John Wick Hex on the PC. For the time being, we still dream of John Wick on NES, which luckily only contains live dogs:

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

Dead horses everywhere in Red Dead Online

Death and destruction in Red Dead Online, as gamers have been finding piles of skinned, dead horses since this weekend. There is also talk of cities where no beast can be found. Watch out if you come across one as there are those who experience crashes when they get closer. With other gamers, there are no other people or animals in the game at all, so that is strange to say the least… Rockstar has not yet commented on these striking events.

From the Archives of the BBC: The Development of Grand Theft Auto 1

Staying in the Rockstar corner for a while, our lovely Sven sent in a very cool video from the archives of the BBC, in which it clearly stands the test of time. It’s a beaut:

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

The makers of Disgaea are in trouble

Nippon Ichi Software, the studio behind Disgaea, has serious financial problems and can no longer afford the personnel costs. The last mobile game that was in development, Disgaea RPG, seems to have been discontinued for the time being (after many problems). It’s due to disappointing sales of their games in Japan, including that Disgaea RPG, which came out in March but was taken offline again due to major problems. Very sad of course, hopefully everyone will be fine. Thanks Hdkirin.

Over 1,000,000 signatures for Game of Thrones season 8 remake

Where Game of Thrones used to be the talk of the town because of the brutal murders, violent sex scenes and yes, that rotten kid, nowadays it is mainly a much discussed topic because the fans find the quality of the series shocking. More than 1 million viewers have signed the online petition to have season 8 remade by ‘competent’ writers. A bit silly of course, and it also raises questions: can anyone do the end of Game of Thrones well, after so much time / pressure / heavy events?

Moreover, there are so many people who watch it that there are also many opinions. Is Daenerys too crazy, or can it be imagined after she lost EVERYTHING? And yes, had Jamie really separated himself so well from his beloved sister, or did we actually know from day one that the best man would fall into her arms again in times of weakness? In any case, Je Wacht is very curious about that very last episode. She will miss it! Have fun and a virtual tissue for you, if you go and watch it.

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

Gerard Butler is tough again in the Angel Has Fallen trailer

Time for something more cheerful. When you watched Wacht the first ‘Has Fallen’ movie, she not only had to laugh a lot (those codes!), She didn’t expect a second one to come. When the second came, she had to laugh a lot again (that CGI!) And she didn’t expect a successor to come. She was wrong because Gerard Butler is back in Angel Has Fallen. Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lance Reddick can also be seen in this new flick. August 22 in the cinemas, so have a good laugh this summer!

DidYouKnowGaming honors the Game Boy

Your Wait doesn’t know about you, but she really enjoys old gamer ads. NOW YOU’RE PLAYING WITH POWER: that work. The new DidYouKnowGaming also contains wonderful old images, this time of kiddos playing on their Game Boy as if the rest of the world does not exist. Delicious. Oh yes, and some interesting histories are told about this prehistoric handheld too:

Well, your Guard dives into bed with a statue of dead horses. Speaking of nightmares …

‘New Call of Duty in 2020 is Black Ops 5 by Treyarch’

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