New Characters Announced for SFV, Tekken 7, MvC: I and BB: CF

The day of the great EVO finals left us announcements of new characters for some of the most famous fighting sagas.

Street Fighter V will add as DLC the huge Abigail, character from Final Fight. Hugo, from that same franchise, already made the leap to Street Fighter in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact. Abigail will be the fourth character in season two and will arrive, along with her Metro City Bar Area map, on July 25.

Another character returning from a classic saga is Geese Howard, from the SNK title Fatal Fury. In this case, the title that you will receive is Tekken 7, where it will appear as part of the second pack of DLCs. It will arrive in winter of this year.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite also had the opportunity to show their roster. His latest addition is Jedah Dohma, a character from Capcom’s Darkstalkers saga. In the trailer you can also see gameplay of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. To see Jedah in action, skip to the 6:30 minute. The game comes out on September 19 this year.

Lastly, Blazblue: Central Fiction also had its share of DLC with Jubei. This character has appeared in all Blazblue as part of the story, but with this downloadable content it will be the first time we can control it. Jubei is coming to Blazblue: CF in the summer.

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