New content is coming to Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker will finally receive its first free update with new elements. Nintendo has decided to launch the first content for this great game on November 4th and I want to show you what things it brings us, since it comes with very interesting things. 5 new things that will make our game even more fun.

1- Stage flags

That’s right: Nintendo has listened to sample prayers and is going to introduce these useful flags that will mean that, when we are killed in the middle of a level or fall, we do not have to start from the beginning (provided that we have passed through the flag, logically). A maximum of 2 pennants per level can be placed in the place we want. To obtain it, we will only have to shake an arrow.

New content is coming to Super Mario Maker

Of course, there will be people who will put the pennant in the void or on spikes so that when it appears we die; don’t worry, to raise the level the creator will have to pass the level from the pennant, so there is no problem. Although there will be no shortage of those who put it at the beginning of the level. How bad are the people…

2- Double objects

This is going to be very useful. If you remember, when Mario is small and hits a block a mushroom comes out, but if we are already big, when hitting a block a fire flower, a leaf, etc. comes out. This could not be controlled until now. By dragging one object over another we will get Mario to transform depending on its state, so now we can control the player’s experience more.

New content is coming to Super Mario Maker

3- New level of difficulty in the flies minigame

Nintendo continues to take care of the small details. The truth is that the fly minigame is something that is not known exactly why, but it seems that the company wants to give it more life. To access this “hidden” level we will only have to shake a black plant for a long time. Flies will appear until the giant fly comes out. If we hit it we will enter the level, which is much more difficult than the first. It is not known if there will be any reward for doing so, let’s hope so. If not, it could not be said that it was very useful.

4- Official levels

Within the Online levels section, in the “Creators” tab we will have a new tab of official Nintendo levels. This was already said that it would be done, but not only that, but Shigueru Miyamoto himself already said that he would also do some level, and this is where we can find them. Will we see any level of Reggie? Let’s hope so.

New content is coming to Super Mario Maker

5- Event levels

This new tab also belongs to the Online levels. When we enter here, we will see a circle with a Toad. If we press, we will enter the event levels. Here we will find special levels, such as Facebook levels, the level created by the creator of Rayman or other external collaborations, such as contest winning levels, etc.

If we look closer, we can see that two of the levels have a mushroom with a question mark. The truth is that this is not explained, although it is suspected that there could be 2 new unlockable costumes for the collection, so we will have to wait to see exactly what it is.

New content is coming to Super Mario Maker

And here the news of this update. What do you think they will introduce in the future? desert level? Mario Bros 2 theme? New enemies and items? Play with Luigi whenever we want? Everything is possible.